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Viveport Subscription doubles in size



Want more? You got it. Today we've added over 75 new titles to Viveport Subscription, bringing our total number of apps to over 150. Let's see what's new!



You probably already know Viveport Subscription includes some of the best VR apps around including theBlu, Everest VR, Fantastic Contraption, MakeVR and Tilt Brush - as well as our Vive Studios titles. Today's content expansion adds a host of incredible titles that will take you to new worlds, including some apps never before seen outside of Asia. Here are our picks (in alphabetical order, natch) for some of the titles we think you can't afford to miss - available for one low price per month.


Cosmic Trip

Developer: Funktronic Labs

Ever been stuck on an alien planet with a bunch of hostile aliens? I know, right? Just in case it hasn't happened to you yet, start training yourself now with Cosmic Trip, which will teach you how to command an army of cosmo robots and wipe out the opposition. Designed to be a no-compromises real-time-strategy experience for VR, Funktronic Labs' totally cosmic... uh... game has been tripping (aha!) over plaudits since liftoff. Treat yourself to a trip.



Developer: Enigmatic


We love shooting robots. We love it even more in VR. While we might have some sort of personal vendetta against robotkind, what we've always wanted to do is fly, run, climb, teleport and even fly around a massive open area, shooting robots like they're top of our Most Wanted list. What's that? You do exactly that in CyberThreat? Sold.


Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin’ Gallery

Developer: Spectral Illusions

If the Haunted Mansion left you unruffled and your average shooting gallery only elicits yawns, you want to strap in and grab your six-shooters for Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin’ Gallery - which does exactly what the title suggests. You're out to investigate an abandoned tourist attraction (Hey, at least there's no lines) which some people claim is haunted. Spoiler: it totally is. All you have is a flashlight and a revolver, so hold on tight....



Developer: Bolvërk Games

Honestly, Bolvërk Games had us with 'Evil alien kitties'. We love our cats, but the opportunity to blow up a bunch of virtual fur-babies who are trying to invade our floating island home was too good to pass up. Developed exclusively for VR and taking full advantage of room-scale, Kittypocalypse has more than enough fun and strategic depth to keep you entertained for a long time. Also: kitties.


Overkill VR

Developer: Starloop Studios / Game Troopers

If there's one huge thing that separates any VR cover shooter from the flat-screen equivalent it's, well, the requirement to actually dodge and take cover. It may be virtual but you'll still be flinching from the bullet impacts in Overkill VR, as you test your real-world skills with an accurate recreation of aiming, while also dodging the enemies who'll be shooting back at you. For a bit of variation, toss a grenade over the wall.


Pierhead Arcade

Developer: Mechabit Ltd

If you're of a certain age, you probably had dreams when you were younger about being set loose in the arcade with all the machines on free play. Either that, or you dreamed of being buried in prize tickets so you could grab that giant stuffed monkey you'd had your eye on. Either way, you need to play Pierhead Arcade, because as well as a load of arcade games to play with no virtual quarters required... there's even a prize gallery!


ROM: Extraction

Developer: First Contact Entertainment

We already told you we love shooting robots, so shooting even more of them in ROM: Extraction is kind of a no-brainer - but there's more to this game than just blasting away at bots. As an Extractor you're able to slow down time with your 'Reflex' power, which means before too long you'll be using your 'throw, slow and shoot' abilities to blast away the bad guys in the most stylish manner you can imagine.


Sairento VR

Developer: Mixed Realms

The Matrix. Kill Bill. Two of our favorite movies and just two of the most obvious influences in Sairento VR, which casts you as a holy-cow-can-you-believe-it cybernetic ninja. (Two words that don't find themselves in the same sentence nearly often enough.) You'll be slashing, shooting, leaping, wall-running and generally acting like the baddest bad-ass alive as you battle your way through a futuristic Japan. If this game was any cooler it'd turn your VR machine into a block of ice.



Developer: Arcturus

If I say 'snake', well, some of you will say "Where?!?" Others might say "Ah! My first real game." For those of you who remember the never-ending winding critter that occupied mobile phone screens (and plenty of other platforms) for years, then Virush will be familiar. Sort of. This is a 'snake-like' that's amped up to 11, in a completely 360-degree environment. Not quite the same as your ol' dumbphone.



Developer: Psytec Games Ltd.

Y'know, maybe shooting stuff - whether robots or not - just isn't your thing. We can get behind that. So that's where something like Windlands is perfect, because all you need to do here is take to the sky, exploring some fantastic environments with a grappling hook and a reckless disregard for gravity. Yes, you'll want to make sure you have your VR legs for this one, but oh boy, it's worth it.


And there's more...

We said right up top that we had apps being added to Viveport Subscription that have only been seen in Asia. Here's a couple that we'll let speak for themselves...

Eternity Warriors VR (Beta)

Tales of Glacier

And it doesn't stop there...

If you're math-inclined you've probably noticed we haven't listed over 75 titles above... but here's everything else, from A-Z. Deep breath:

Of the above titles, the following are currently only available on Viveport:

Is your Vive desktop client up to date?

If you haven't used Viveport for a while, you may find you can't even see Viveport Subscription in your Vive desktop client. Never fear! We have an FAQ that tells you how to get up and running in no time. (If you need more help, make sure to post in that Community Forums thread, too.)


What new apps are you adding?
Tell us below! We'd love to hear from you.


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