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Cat Sorter VR

Greenlit Content


Viveport Review: Cat Sorter VR


Embrace your inner crazy cat person with Pawmigo Games’ whiskery VR experience.



By Desmond Madison, Greenlit Content


Cats wearing sombreros and sporting slimy tentacles for arms? They go over here. Cats with bird beaks for noses and cartoon eyes for butts? They go over there!


Indie studio Pawmigo Games puts its experience from working at Disney Interactive to unexpected use in Cat Sorter VR, a wonderful, fast-paced, lighthearted arcade experience that’s fun for everyone. Well, as long as you don’t mind helping a few cats get back to “normal” by sorting through their special quirks as they’re rapidly churned onto a conveyor belt ready for inspection.


You’ll need at least 2.5 x 2.5 meters of space to go to work in the cat factory, but as long as you have that, you’ll be sorting cats with your friends and family right meow! Each three-minute “shift” on the cat sorting job begins at the Kitty Kreator. There, you’ll prepare by grabbing each cat off of the quickly moving conveyor belt to inspect 11 points of interest for cat quality assurance. 


Legs, ears, eyes, noses, tails—and yes, butts—must all be inspected for cat manufacturing errors. If you notice a bizarre anomaly like a banana peel for a leg or an antler for an ear, you must turn around and reach for the bin of proper cat parts to quickly get those cats up to factory standards. Once your cats are ready to be sent out into the world, slip them into the pneumatic tube to be sent to the cat scanner to analyze them for defects.


The faster you do this, the more points you’ll earn. As long as they’re free of defects, you could earn yourself a purrfect streak. Don’t drop them, though! Cats don’t like being dropped just as much as they often don’t like being held. Although, they do seem to like being hurled across the factory to score extra points when being swooshed through a basketball hoop or sent through a field goal.


In case it wasn’t obvious, Cat Sorter VR doesn’t take itself very seriously, even though it’s a serious amount of fun for everyone playing. Another nice feature is the competitive aspect of the arcade-like experience, which allows for players to easily alternate in and out of VR in order to compete for the best scores on the cat sorting job.


Cat Sorter VR also features an easy height adjustment option on the in-game Kitty Kreator, so you can easily add both shorter and taller players each round. This comes in handy when you add younger players to the mix, making the game a family-friendly experience, and a great way to introduce everyone to VR and the power of 360-degree room-scale activity.


Cat Sorter VR is cute, goofy, fast-paced, and competitive. Even if you’re allergic to cats in real life, chances are there will be little you’ll need to stay away from in this uniquely addictive and downright adorable cat sorting simulator from the brilliantly twisted minds at Pawmigo Games.



 Cat Sorter VR is available on Viveport, and in Viveport Subscription.


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