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Guided Meditation VR

Greenlit Content


Viveport Review: Guided Meditation VR


Escape the real world for some much-needed VR therapy.


By Desmond Madison, Greenlit Content



A calm wind brushes across your ears from East to West as you lay still on the floor, listening to the sounds of the ocean waves crashing against the rocky cliffs below. You feel yourself alive in this moment, aware of your body from head to toe, free of all intrusive thought as you center yourself in the here and now. You listen to your guide. He tells you to breathe deeply in… four seconds…


... and pause...


…and out… five seconds. Again you inhale and exhale as you feel the rhythm of your breath start to slow you down into the moment. You close your eyes and you continue, feeling yourself calming back into the present, free of the past which you cannot change, and at peace with the future which you cannot control. You hear the birds chirping silently in the distant treetops, you feel your body alive and you become mindful of your own self as the world slows down around you and your thoughts become just that -- thoughts that you learn to observe, rather than allowing them to consume you. You are relaxed. You are calm. You are present. You are experiencing the wonders of Guided Meditation VR.


The developers at Cubicle Ninja have made meditation simple by allowing you to visit over 17 different exotic, natural, and surreal locations to allow you to escape the chaos of your daily life, teaching you guided meditative practices that have been scientifically proven to help you regain control of the moment. Peace, joy, and serenity are achieved through virtual relaxation and over 50 sessions of guidance in Zen, Heartfulness, Loving Compassion, or even a series designed specifically to help overcome Depression. Customizable sessions in length are also available, allowing you to choose between two minute, five minute, and ten minute meditations with or without music and varying degrees of sound effects to meet your comfort level. You can even set the experience to motion you slowly through any one of the exotic environments to help calm your mind.


Upon its original release, there weren’t many other programs that fit the mold for guided virtual relaxation and meditative software, but the market has since become filled with more than a few other projects that seek to capture the same audience. Even in the face of this, Guided Mediation VR remains at the top of its class and has continually added new environments and mediations since its debut. It’s easy to see why this software has stood the tests of time, and why it seems like the strongest of its kind in the mental health and wellness genre of experiences that can actually help improve ones own well-being.


This is a true testament to the power of virtual reality when experiences like these that focus our eyes and ears so acutely while transporting our minds to serene locations can have such a profound and lasting effect on our daily lives. Even if you’ve never tried meditation before, or if you don’t think it’s for you, give this a try. It’s the least thrilling and non-explosive experience available in virtual reality, and once you learn what that means, your mind and body will thank you and you just may come to understand that’s one of the best compliments the developers could have asked for. Enjoy!


Guided Meditation VR is available on Viveport.


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