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New Viveport Arcade Pricing Model



Viveport Arcade, HTC’s software distribution and content management platform for arcades, is launching a new pricing structure from March 7th.

If you have content opted-in to the Viveport Arcade program, you will now be able to set your own ‘per station, per month’ license fee through the Developer Console. This means an operator would pay a guaranteed amount for each PC running your content, at a license fee value set by you.
Once you’ve chosen your per station, per month license fee, a price per hour cost is automatically created and associated with your title. This alternative fee allows arcade operators to purchase content either via the per station, per month license fee, or based on the hourly fee.
This gives operators the flexibility to offer more content and developers control over pricing. This new pricing will be available to arcades in mid-April. We encourage you to update your pricing before April, otherwise your per station price may initially be set at a default value (this may be changed later).
If you have further questions, please comment below, or elsewhere in the Developer Forum.
Please note, legal terms and conditions for Viveport Arcade are updated with this change. Read these changes in the Developer Console.


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