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Ultimate Booster Experience

Greenlit Content


Viveport Review: Ultimate Booster Experience


Hold on for the ride of your life in the Ultimate Booster Experience and prepare to take yourself to new heights!


By Desmond Madison, Greenlit Content



The premise in Ultimate Booster Experience is simple. Headset on, you’ll emerge standing in front of five separate experience orbs. Each will thrust you into a variety of different death defying thrill rides in this unique and thrilling package of experiences for speed junkies and daredevils alike.


There are two different bungie jumping scenarios to enjoy. One of them has you waiting patiently within the basket of a hot air balloon hundreds of feet above the city, waiting for you to pull the lever that drops the floor beneath you, initiating your decent to the concrete jungle below. Another scenario has you on a scaffolding and will task you with walking off the ledge taking your own leap of faith that you’ll come springing back from certain doom. Each are terrifying in their own ways, and you’ll swear you’re about to smash into the ground just before the cord snaps you back to safety.


Another experience is the Giant Swing, one that you can test out in the desert across from an incredible waterfall canyon, or ride through a city park at your own peril. Hundreds of feet in the air and with enough force to swing you all the way around the center of gravity, you’ll be able to launch your body like a rag doll for hundreds of feet past the swing in a bit of a competition to see who can fly the furthest before splatting on the ground. It’s a bit of a crash test dummy simulation, and not for those easily nauseated by disorienting speed and heights.


There’s also the eagle flight that lets you hold tightly behind the majestic bird as it takes you on a grand tour of the canyon environment at roller-coaster like speeds.  It’s a passive experience, and while you won’t control the direction of the flight, it’s an impressive and refreshing way to just relax and soak in the scenery. If it’s control you’re looking for, don’t miss the final ride, and that involves grabbing onto a Shuttle-Rocket with your hands and free-flying like a speeding bullet across the skies in any direction you choose, high above a suspiciously New York City-like landscape.



While Ultimate Rocket Booster may be touted as a solid VR party starter, be cautious of showing this one off the bat to first time VR users. The sense of speed and disorientation, while entirely intentional, is so well reproduced here for thrill-seekers that it’s been documented to have made some users feel sick to their stomachs… just as they would feel bungie-jumping in the face of death high above a city street. It’s just that intense of an experience, but it also might be just what you’re looking for. Proceed with caution but get ready to scream!



Ultimate Booster Experience is available on Viveport or as part of Viveport Subscription.


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