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Announcing VIVE SDKs for the Vive Pro front facing cameras and Vive Audio





With the launch of VIVE Pro, developers will now have access to the stereo front facing cameras to create new experiences that can mix the see-through stereo camera view and their virtual worlds. This will enable developers to perform 3D perception and depth sensing with the stereo RGB sensors, opening new worlds for more creative, interactive experiences.


In addition to the updated OpenVR camera APIs that can now handle more than the mono camera of the original VIVE, the VIVE Software team is also providing developers the VIVE SRWorks SDK. With this SDK you can access more than just the raw camera images:


  • Depth
  • Spatial Mapping (static and dynamic meshes)
  • Placing virtual objects in the foreground or background
  • Live interactions with virtual objects and simple hand interactions


These features are provided by three service modules, a Depth module, a See-through module and a 3D reconstruction module thus allowing developers to focus on the content.


The SDK includes support for native development with plugins for Unity and Unreal.


The following videos illustrate some of the features:






Here's a portal for passing between the real and virtual worlds


Note: The project code for the portal example above is included in the VIVE SRWorks SDK Unity package.


Here's an example from developer Jonathan Schenker from Alvios using screen filter effect to mix the realities and here's another example from developer Vladimir Storm using the 3D Reconstruction module.




VIVE Audio

We are also announcing two VIVE audio SDKs, available for Unity, with support for UE4 coming soon.



The VIVE 3D Sound Perception SDK provides a Unity compatible, audio spatialization plugin with the following features:

  • Higher Order Ambisonics
  • HRTFs based on refined real-world modeling (horizontally and vertically)
  • Support for Hi-Res audio source files and playback.
  • Acoustic distance effect with real-world modeling.
  • The VIVE 3DSP plugin supports room effect, room reverberation and reflection, and acoustic occlusion that is tuned for the VIVE Pro, however the VIVE and other HMDs and headphones are also supported.

- VIVE Pro Audio Mode

Since the VIVE Pro has dual microphones with support for alert and conversation modes, APIs are provided so that you can toggle between the three audio modes. This provides applications with the ability to toggle between listening to foreground or background audio or a mix of both. Additionally, a USB Type-C high power mode setting (on/off) is also available.



Initially available as early access (beta) SDKs, you can find the downloads and join the developer support forums  at http://developer.vive.com/resources




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