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Skyfront VR

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Viveport Review: Skyfront VR


This fast-paced VR shooter combines the zero-gravity of Lawbreakers with the frantic action of Overwatch.


By Joshua Hawkins, Greenlit Content



First person shooters are a dime a dozen in virtual reality, but there are few that really capture the spirit and intensity of FPS games without making you feel sick to your stomach. Skyfront VR succeeds at bringing that frantic FPS feeling to virtual reality, and it also comes with a smooth framerate that helps make the nauseous feeling that plagues many VR FPS experiences bearable.


Like other FPS games—especially Overwatch and Lawbreakers (RIP) —Skyfront VR has a loose story that influences the world that players step into. It’s not something that’s really needed, but it does add a nice touch to help make the experience feel more grounded in reality. In 2700AD, mankind has created a zero-gravity tournament in order to test people and crown them keepers of the peace; this is the foundation behind Skyfront’s multiplayer mode, which features both team deathmatch and regular free-for-all deathmatch. There’s little plot to speak of, but it’s enough to add a bit of depth to the environments and pull gamers into the world.


During my time in the game, I focused on a weapon configuration that granted me a grappling hook and an assault rifle. It’s a nice combination that helps you get around the map easily, and as I tested the different maps available right now—there are only a few maps at this time—I found the movement smooth and easy to use. It was pretty simple to maneuver and work within zero-gravity, and the gun mechanics felt good, albeit a little rough around the edges.


There is definitely a lot of potential in Skyfront VR, and the developers have quite a few plans for the future. Right now, the game has a bot mode, two beautifully rendered arenas, two game modes, and five different weapons you can work with—not including the grappling gun and the jetpack. It’s an interesting idea that I think can flourish if the developers continue to enhance it, and I can definitely see myself sinking a few hours into the experience each week.


The biggest problem with Skyfront VR right now is finding other opponents. Like other multiplayer based experiences, Skyfront struggles from the small niche that makes up virtual reality’s population. Weapon switching can also be a bit wonky at times, but for a game that’s technically in early access, it’s coming along well. That said, the smooth framerate, fast-paced gameplay that doesn’t make you feel sick, and solid gunplay are all positives, and FPS fans will feel right at home if they enjoyed non-VR games like Overwatch or Lawbreakers.



Skyfront VR is available on Viveport.


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