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Run of Mydan – Early Access

Greenlit Content


Viveport Review: Run of Mydan – Early Access 


This first-person shooter draws inspiration from Halo and Destiny! Definitely a wonderful thing.


By Emily Medlock, Greenlit Content



Skimming through screenshots for Run of Mydan in Viveport immediately made me want to play this game. One of my favorite things about this title, for example, is the setting. As a Bungie fan, it’s easy to see that inspiration was drawn from Halo and Destiny. With this in mind, I always wanted to dive into Master Chief’s world in VR, and in Run of Mydan, I get to experience what that might be like.


Run of Mydan is similar to Bungie games in many ways. For example, the planet that the game takes place on immediately brings to mind scenes from the Halo franchise. All around, the graphics look great, with visual delights that include breathtaking landscapes, intimidating bosses, and effects that compete with the best of them.


Additionally, the second boss you fight in Run of Mydan reminds me of one of the first bosses from Destiny. In fact, many of the bosses in Run of Mydan seem to be inspired by Destiny’s villains, with nods to classic games like Final Fantasy and Zelda. There are strategies for defeating each one that you must figure out on your own. Will it be an arrow to the eye? Will you have to collapse an enemy’s own tower onto him? Or maybe you need to lob grenades at his tentacles? Your success is up to you and your problem-solving skills.


The most obvious similarity between Bungie titles and Run of Mydan, though, is armor customization. Not only does it look like the designer was the exact same guy, but the whole purpose of armor in general is comparable and brought back happy memories of trying to acquire the Recon armor in Halo 3.


Like any good FPS game, Run of Mydan offers two ways to play. You can battle other players in multiplayer or face foes alone in story mode campaign. When you jump into story mode, your playstyle and weapon choices are limited, but that doesn’t take away from the experience. When you make it to multiplayer, you’ll be able to unlock new items and create your own class. It doesn’t matter if you wish to become an archer, juggernaut, or sniper. There will be something for you.


Boot up multiplayer, you’ll realize that the Run of Mydan is a whole lot bigger than you first thought. Like other FPS games, you will be able to customize your character. There will also be unlockable content, allowing you to become whatever you wish. Go melee and charge opponents, or sit back with a long-ranged gun in your hand. Either way, dexterity is required. Once you get used to the controls, however, it will feel like you are in this virtual world. When this happens, your movements will become second nature. Unfortunately, since the game is still in Early Access, there are rarely players available to be matched with, so if you’re lucky, you have friends ready to hang in-game.


Despite the praise, and Run of Mydan’s anti-nausea claim, moving without your virtual feet on the ground may cause nausea. But of course, every person will be affected differently, so please keep this in mind and take a break if you get queasy. 


This aside, Run of Mydan never gets boring. There’s always something to do and there’s always room for improvement! It is hands down one of the best VR games I’ve played. Considering this is Virtew’s first game, that’s saying a lot. That said, I expect people to talk about Run of Mydan’s brilliance for years to come.


Note: If you struggle with the controls, hold down the Menu button and return to the home screen (as long as you passed a checkpoint, so you won’t lose progress). Upon doing this, the controls will appear.


 Run of Mydan is available on Viveport or as part of Viveport Subscription.


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