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Viveport Review: BOXVR


BOXVR may look like your average workout game, but it’s amazing what adding music can do to your daily routine.


By Emily Medlock, Greenlit Content



BOXVR is a fitness game that may possess magical powers, as it just might encourage you to workout on a daily basis and enjoy it! The idea of the game is to do a standard boxing routine to music as you hit the incoming orbs at the right time. Although BOXVR sounds like so many other fitness games, this one seems to offer something different.


There are multiple game modes in BOXVR, including Workout, Survive, Multiplayer, and Training modes. Workout has your typical presets with borderline boring music. Survive is basically the same, except the music never ends, so you can play for as long as you wish. Multiplayer could be a blast if there was ever anyone online. The real star is Training mode, which allows you to add your own music to box to in the game. We all know that personalization goes a long way in the video game world.


Unfortunately, you may run into a few minor bugs while playing BOXVR. After getting mildly frustrated with small bugs and glitches in the game, I did some research to see if others were experiencing the same issues. It seems that the game had very few problems in the past, but it wasn’t until after a few updates that bugs started to appear. This means that if the game used to run smoothly, then it’s quite possible that after the next update, the current problems will be resolved.


Aside from the bugs, my biggest problem with the game has to do with what I like the most about the game, ironically. This would be the option to play using your own music. At first, I thought they had removed this feature, because the first song I uploaded (which had a strong drum beat) wouldn’t work. Whenever I pressed play, no orbs popped up for me to punch. I tried another song, and thankfully it worked (although the timing was a bit off). This leads me to believe that if you want a fun workout, you need to upload a song with a specific beat that BOXVR will register. This isn’t a big deal, but it can be frustrating if your favorite songs aren’t compatible.


All things considered, BOXVR is still a great game for those who want to sneak in a bit of exercise without their mind realizing it. If you can ignore the glitches, then you’ll likely have a blast practicing your boxing skills and burning as many calories as your virtually gloved hands possibly can. And if you’re lucky, you can do it all to your favorite compatible jams!



BOXVR is available on Viveport or as part of Viveport Subscription.


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