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This Is Real - Survios: developing Raw Data for Vive



This Is Real - Survios


05.06.16 We recently traveled to Los Angeles to visit the Survios studios where the team is developing Raw Data for the HTC Vive.



Raw Data is a made-for-VR high-octane combat experience combining elements of shooters with tower defense. Active VR gameplay involves your whole body as you put your wits, boldness and endurance to the test. Intuitive controls completely immerse you within the game world, from engaging with objects to pulling weapons off your body to strategically choosing your loadout. And all the while, you’ll be slashing, shooting, deflecting, ducking and dodging as you fend off waves of androids set to “kill.”


This is Real takes a deeper look at the creative process of designing content for the HTC Vive.


Check out previous episodes



Find Raw Data on Steam here.


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