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A new Home Space to immerse yourself in



Experience the new Video Player, Photo Frame and Autumn Space.


  • A new Home Space to immerse yourself in. Meander through Autumn, a tranquil alpine forest clearing dotted with wildflowers and falling leaves. Brought to you by Cubicle Ninjas, the studio behind Guided Meditation VR.
  • Watch videos in VR. Add the new video player widget to your Home Space and watch almost any video on your computer in VR. Snap the screen to a comfortable viewing position, make it as large as you want and then dim the lights for an immersive, distraction-free cinematic experience. Watching videos in VR is especially impressive for 360-degree stereoscopic (3D) content!
  • Make the Space your own. Place, rotate and scale your favorite photos from your computer around your Spaces to personalize your Vive Home. Or, load up frames with several photos and be welcomed by your own personalized slideshows!

Released on August 25th, the Vive Home update is automatically installed if you have previously run Vive Setup.  If you haven’t installed Vive yet, it’s available on the Vive website. Stay tuned for more VR updates from HTC Creative Labs!



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There was a time when i had my picture frames and video player to a specified scale size, usually really big.  I could leave and revisit and the scale and size would still be maintained, but now, everytime i hit objects, or leave vive home and come back they all revert back to their default small size which is really inconvienient and less friendly.  I was wondering if this is a bug or glitch in my setup or is this the default of the vive home space now.

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