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Jerry Yang – Investing in the Future





Virtual reality is creating waves through out the technology industry. In addition to gaming, there are many use cases for virtual reality applications in multiple industries. Medical, training, real estate, architecture and retail are just a handful of industries developing for this new medium.


The introduction of VRVCA has highlighted the peaking level of interest among some of the largest investors in the world.  Industry influencer, Jerry Yang, founder of AME Cloud Ventures and Yahoo!, is one of the investors who saw something special in these developers early on. As one of the original founders of Yahoo, Jerry understands how much work and dedication it takes to create something truly unique and engaging. We took some time to sit down with him to talk about his venture capital firm, AME, to learn what he thinks about the future of virtual reality. Bullish on virtual experiences beyond games, he talks about new categories of content and how entrepreneurs are taking the Vive VR platform to the next level. 


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