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Your journey begins at VIVEPORT™




Your journey begins at VIVEPORT™


Over the past few months, our teams in San Francisco, Seattle, Taipei, Beijing and London have been working closely with developers and content creators worldwide on a private beta of Viveport, the app store for virtual reality. Today, we are proud to announce the global launch of Viveport to the virtual reality community.


Building on the fast growth and success of virtual reality gaming, Viveport features immersive experiences across additional categories where you can explore new worlds, create things, connect with friends and experience stories in new, immersive ways.


We believe Viveport is the place where you will begin your journey into new virtual reality experiences. Fans in over 30 countries will join us on a fantastic voyage, as they get to experience amazing VR content published by the best creators in the industry.


The Viveport app store has been live in China since April, and we are happy to have the opportunity to introduce you to more than a dozen VR titles that, for the first time, are available outside of Asia. And there’s more on the way in the upcoming weeks and months.


As part of this release, we are introducing Viveport Premieres–titles launching first on Viveport. These titles include Everest VR, Google Spotlight Stories' Pearl, Lifeliqe, Stonehenge VR, The Music Room, an all-new edition of theBlu, and more. It's been truly inspiring to see that so many developers want to publish their content on Viveport with us.


To celebrate our launch, during the first 48-hours you'll be able to buy marquee titles like theBlu, Mars Odyssey, The Music Room, and Firebird - La Peri, among others, for a special celebration price of $1.


Start your journey today at www.viveport.com to check out these offerings:

  • Viveport Premieres: Experience the best new and updated content from top VR creators.
  • 48-Hour Launch Celebration: Stuff your library with experiences for $1 each, for the first 48 hours only.
  • Vive Home: Customize your personal space with skins, objects, web browser widgets etc.



Rikard Steiber

President - Viveport


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When i sign up to viveport it asks to pick a location but my country is not listed so what one do i pick? i want the one with the most apps. 

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Not a good start, can't add more than one item to a cart, and even if you could I can't buy anything, as I'm getting errors.  The Vive team can't figure it out, nor can the payment company.  I want to spend money here, but can't... The chat support line is trying to help, but are saying its going to be a couple of days.  Hopefully they either extend the 48hour sale, or at least give credit for those of us that can't get a transaction through, otherwise I'll spend my money elsewhere, and viveport will not get my support...


UPDATE: my bank locked my card, as it saw multiple attempts at $1 charges, and denied them all.  This could have gone so much smoother if Vive would fix the mulitple items in the cart before checking out, just saying...

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 I could not sign in with Google for about an hour.  Then it worked. Then purchasing one app at a time took a bit of effort.  That needs to be fixed.  Download's don't start automatically you need to go in to the vive app and start them. An auto download option after or before purchase would be nice

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Honestly, I'm a little confused. Why did you develop an entirely new VR app experience when we already have Steam? It seems like we now need to check both Steam and this site for new games? That hardly seems like an improvement. And Steam automatically installs games and displays them in the in-VR dashboard. Viewport doesn't appear to do that. I'd love to understand the reasoning behind this site in language that describes the value to the end user.

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Hi , our aim with Viveport is to promote VR experiences, which generally are not going to be games.


We're not looking to become a games-focused marketplace as Steam is, but we think we can co-exist to broaden the appeal of VR beyond the gaming market. Ultimately we want to become a platform for virtual reality experiences, wherever they might be.


Whether you're a Steam user or a Viveport user or both, you're welcome here. :)

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