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Welcome to Vive community!



Hello everyone!


With the launch of Viveport, the app store for virtual reality, we're also bringing our Vive community out of beta... and into the light. (Don't stare too hard.)


You might notice a few changes. Perhaps the most important is that you'll now need to create an HTC account to login. (For more information, read this post.) Apart from that, our structure has also changed.


For developers, we've created new, private forums for you. Here you can talk with other creators, as well as members of the Vive and Viveport teams, and give us feedback directly about publishing on Viveport. If you were previously registered as a developer on the beta version of the forums and need access, send a PM to .


For those of you who are happy to enjoy VR in Vive and aren't developing (...yet?) we have new forums for you, too. Explore, take a look around and let us know what you think. We're looking forward to getting to know everyone.


We'll see you in VR,


The Viveport Team 



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Bugs? I keep coming back and trying to buy and it bombs...  now about my 7th time, it seems to process and shows my card and a receipt????.  But my order history under my account says I own nothing.  So I keep trying.  I hope each time I try it don't get charged again for The same app???

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I agree with Rojoyinc, rough start with issues.  I can't buy anything, as payment fails, and not able to add more than one item to the cart...


UPDATE: my bank locked my card, as it saw multiple attempts at $1 charges, and denied them all.  This could have gone so much smoother if Vive would fix the mulitple items in the cart before checking out, just saying...


Also, I think I have 3 different accts, an HTC acct, a Steam synced HTC acct, and a Forum acct (no idea which HTC acct associated with), all with the same visible name, quite confusing, hopefully VIve can clean this up and just have ONE acct, Steam synced, forum synced, and allow for smoother actions going forward...

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Hi ,  - apologies for any issues you might have had with Viveport. We're working to improve the experience.


 please contact Customer Care if your purchases don't turn up, or if you get multiple charges. 

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Thanks Rockjaw, I was updating my post when you replied, hopefully the kinks will get worked out.  This technology is amazing in so many ways, and I really want to see it as mainstream as the cell phone, but we have some work to do, and viveport is a good step in the right direction.


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Thanks ! We are all definitely part of 'Generation One' as regards VR, but we see the same potential as you.


We want to make the best experience possible in hardware and software, and will keep working to do so. Thanks for your support!


PS - Your forums account should be the same HTC account you used to login to Viveport, just FYI. :)

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Since this has been working in china for months it should be debugged.


i kept trying and late last night it worked.  I had to add my payment the method and save it.  Also when buying the button to "pay" was scrolled below the window.  It seemed to never load.  When I clicked. Talk to us live...  it would scroll up.  I found this out after three more tries. Then things worked fine.  I also started seeing my purchases in my library link on VIVE port.  However my account history? Has no orders?  I also had to go view my cc info at get a code from my statement to verify my card.  This seemed ridiculous. Especially for one 1.00 charge.  The I saw it had tried three times to block a small amount on the card.  There were no instructions on the sight regarding this. Anyway. I got it working and added the free items and purchased the 1.00 specials. I don't trust it to get the more pricey items.... I'll stick with steam for that as they have a refund policy.  I hope VIVE is doing something to get good titles coming. I've lost interest in vr.  Now I see that battle zone Vr is only oculus and PlayStation.  Makes me mad...  Vr should be like buying a monitor.  It's a display not a platform.  Revive proves that.


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