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VIVEPORT: One Small Step…



Earlier this month at VRLA, we announced Viveport and shared our vision to democratize access to the world’s most diverse selection of immersive experiences. Our goal is to grow the VR ecosystem by empowering developers to reach and engage a fast-growing global audience. We received great feedback from thousands of developers, like you, who voiced their support for our mission and goals. We know you want a platform that will enable you to (1) reach and engage a global audience, and (2) generate revenue and grow your business, so that you can reinvest in building even more amazing experiences for your customers. The Viveport team, with your help, is building this platform.


Today, we are thrilled to announce the Viveport Developer Awards (VDAs). The goal of the awards is to showcase, celebrate, and reward developers for their VR creations. In 2016, the first tranche of awards consists of a total pool of $500,000 in cash and prizes, which will be awarded early next year for apps published on Viveport. The awards will span across the recently announced Viveport pillars of Discover, Create, Connect, Watch, and Shop. While this is just one small step forward, we want to make sure that the Viveport platform is committed to driving success for the global community of VR developers and content creators. Apps and experiences published on Viveport from today are eligible for consideration, subject to the terms and condition of the contest. Five nominees will be selected per pillar based on customer engagement and the VR experience. All nominees are winners, and a soon-to-be-announced jury will decide the final award winners in early 2017. The Viveport community is growing fast and with over 7000 developers we cannot wait to see what gets published and wins recognition on the platform. More information about the awards is available at [LINK TBD]


One more thing; we also announced at VRLA that our developer beta would be rolling out soon. You will be happy to know that starting today, all registered Viveport developers will get access to the App Store beta.


There are many benefits to becoming a registered developer and joining the Viveport community. These include the opportunity to:


  • Get a First Look: Viveport developers will receive first access to the updated features enabling them to fine-tune their apps and experiences.
  • Have a Voice: Developers can directly share their feedback to help shape Viveport in the new community forums. These community discussions will directly influence the platform development and become a part of the journey to democratize VR.
  • Be Informed: Developers will receive regular announcements of new features, as well as new promotional and monetization opportunities.
  • Reach VR Customers in China: The developer beta enables all developers to bring their apps and experiences to the world's largest customer base of VR fans, which today is possible through Viveport and globally in Fall.


We thank the entire developer and customer community for your tremendous support and encouragement for Viveport. We look forward to building on this incredible partnership, and our team is just getting started…



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