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Remembering Pearl Harbor



Premiering today on Viveport, Remembering Pearl Harbor is a VR experience created in partnership with Time Inc., Deluxe VR and AMD. 


This narrative VR experience will transport you inside key moments of Pearl Harbor's aftermath through historically authentic and fully interactive VR environments. Narrated by one of the oldest living survivors from this tragic event, Lt. Jim Downing, this VR experience has been created with the hope that it will bring a new understanding of this event to all.



 Remembering Pearl Harbor allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual recreation of World War II-era America. Throughout the experience, you will interact with realistic virtual versions of artifacts from the era, along with iconic photography and archival video, providing a unique and personal view of one of American history’s defining events.


For more insight into how Remembering Pearl Harbor was created, watch this exclusive mini-documentary.



Remembering Pearl Harbor is available now on Viveport.



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Hi, I just bought "Remembering Pearl Harbour", unfortunately it doesn´t start. Numerours reboots and restarting of SteamVR did not resolve the problem, right now I am trying for half an hour with no luck.

I have actually been in the experience once, but as it did not catch me changing the audio output to the VIVE earbuds on the fly I exited and tried to restart.

So is this a known issue? Do you maybe have an support forum on steam where I can post my specs and logs for further analysis?
Best regards,

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I got it running by starting it from the VIVE Desktop application, starting from within VR is still difficult.

Anyhow, it is a great experience, albeit a bit short regarding the attack itself. Still recommandable for people interested in historic events. I understand it is not acceptable to depict these kinds of events in a flashy way, but I would appreciate more overhead information how the events unfolded, maybe with aerial maps or something.

Great work, I am looking forward to more VR experiences.

Best regards,


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