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  1. I had someone personal message me about this so I figured I'd share our solution to this problem publically. It is not the most graceful solution and will cost you a couple hundred dollars, but it has worked out well for us. We ended up putting one vive in a blackout curtain (the hospital curtain we tried first let to much light through and did not work) on a u shaped rail to enclose the area. We put the lighthouse sensors from the other vive on smart plugs tied to Alexa so when the main system was in use we could just tell alexa to turn "Virtual Reality One" off and not have to draw the curtain. To use both systems at once we tell alexa to turn "Virtual Reality One" on and then draw the curtain. Below are links to the items we got to make this happen. It did allow us to put green fabric on the back of one of the curtains to do mixed reality stuff in VR. Having our own 12'x8' green screen is kinda cool. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078T51Y2L/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XNPTFF4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Just to re-itterarate, there are two reasons I can't use a single pair of Base Stations for two vives in my availible play area. 1) My total play area is about 11x24 with a 4' wide x 4' tall x 9' long retail display table in the middle. Putting the 2 lighthouse sensors on oposite corners of this play area would exceeds the maximum recomended separation distance of 15' by almost double. 2) Because of the Retail displays 4' height, any controller (or headset) actions below this level when the player has their back to the lighthouse sensor in their area would not be seen by the lighthouse sensor on the oposing corner causing tracking issues as well. I've already sacrificed 3 display tables and drastically re-aragned my store to make this much play area. There is no other way I can re-arange to make one big play area without sacrificing even more of my retail display space. As it stands this is occupying about 1/4 my total retail square footage, re-aranging would make that number even bigger. At $2.50 a sq/ft just having this much play space is technically costing me $550/mo. I will just try the hospital curtain with 4 lighthouse sensors and hope that works, if not I think my dream of having 2 Vive's with monthly competitions to demo VR and help sell gaming computers with HTC Vive's is dead.
  3. We do have both rigs hooked up, but I had to unplug the lighthouse sensors from VR rig #1 as we noticed right away they were interfering with the tracking on rig #2. As soon as rig #1 lighthouse sensors were unplugged all tracking issues went away. That's what led me to this thread doing a little more research. I've got a hospital curtain on order to pull between the units and I hope that will be enough because building a wall(s) would definitely disrupt a lot of our usable retail space. Thanks for your input, I do appreciate it.
  4. The two lighthouse option mentioned simply won't work in our configuration for a couple reasons. 1-As stated there is a 4' wide display in the middle of our two play areas with computers / monitors for sale. 2-The total play area we have availible is 20' x 20' with a 4' gap in the middle for displays which gives us a distance between sensors of 31' which is more than double the maximum distance recommended by the vive. My main question is since the control box communicates wirelessly with the lighthouse sensors, how do I prevent steam VR from seeing the other two lighthouse sensors? Do I have to unplug the other sensors for system #2, run the setup on system #1 , then reverse the process?
  5. We are trying to do something like this as well, but we don't want two people in the same play space. We want two separate play spaces very close to each other. We are a retail computer store that sells gaming computers and we have two Vive's setup to demo VR to people. We wanted to be able to demo multi-player games to people as well. There are display tables (about 4' wide) separating our 10'x10' play spaces and we were planning on putting up a divider curtain that will hopefully prevent the infared transmissions from the lighthouse stations from interfering with each other. Right now we only have one rig connected in our first play area because with the 2 lighthouse sensors plugged in (but not configured) in the second play area the controllers/headset take off with tracking issues in the first play area. Without re-aranging our entire retail store is there a way to have two separate play areas, on two different Vive rigs, within close proximity to each other?
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