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  1. @Dario posted the article which can refer to as well.
  2. WaveLeftController / WaveRightController @ZhuZhao
  3. wave Native SDK调用PermissionManager requestPermissions,获取文件读写权限,未显示授权弹窗。直接调用Activity requestPermissions,出现弹窗授权确认后,读写文件依然失败,提示java.io.FileNotFoundException: /sdcard/test_log.txt: open failed: EACCES (Permission denied)
  4. Developer is asking how to obtain the access right to USB data, "requestUsbPermission app crash,参考wave Native SDK -> SDK教学 -> PermissionManager 示例代码,写了一个Android App,把app安装到focus3,调用请求获取usb权限时app crash."
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