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  1. Concur with Hersonrock... looks like you only have one device connected to your graphics card... so that's either your monitor or your Vive using an adapter for some reason... instead of plugging into that HDMI output port right above where your one device is plugged in.
  2. comprensoldotna Is there a specific reason you don't just put all the Vive players on one side of the room and physically divide their "play area" by using either 2 Standing Sitting only setups on each computer (rather one standing/sitting per).... or doing "room scale" setup and only making the "rooms" big enough for a single player and not letting the two "rooms" overlap in your real world space ? Wouldn't that also solve your potential problem of a customer looking at your display table in the middle.. not in VR.... getting brian bashed by someone in the play area using one of your Vives HMD'd up in VR ? I would assume you are not letting customers use your Vives in your store unsupervised.... so you can also control the "wild child" syndrome if someone starts flailing out of control and endangers the player in the other Vive HMD.... and maybe allows you to protect your looky-loo folks watching who are not in VR .... Just a couple more thoughts.... maybe you can't move that display in the "center"... don't know.
  3. RockJaw nailed most of the recommendation. I can tell from having done it with two Vive systems... one set of light houses and just run Steam Room setup for each system and it will take. As he said...if you are silly enough to not account for players physically running into each other by not setting their play areas to NOT overlap in the real world.... that's a shame on you move... We did not have to power down one system while we registered the other... because they are both running on separate computers with their own HMD and controllers and Steam VR instances... just pulling position info from the same 2 lighthouses. Good Luck
  4. ... to NOT allow the lasers to pass through it to the "other" headset sensors... sorry.. typo... :robotwink:
  5. I would recommend you try the suggestions made in this thread to see what does and doesn't work. Your writing to date implies you have not tried it... you are just asking how it might work. If I've mis-read that... sorry. To keep one Vive Headset from physically detecting/seeing the "other" two lighthouses laser outputs with its sensors you will have to physically mask between the two sets of lighthouses (maybe hang a thick cloth/material cool banner or a big solid sign ??). So as suggested, hang something of sufficient density to now allow the lasers to pass through it to the "other" headset sensors. Be aware that the laser energy can "splash" off reflective surfaces so aiming of your lighthouses into the specific play areas may play a key roll in your mitigating splash between the two sets in addition to putting up a mask. Steam Workshop has a pretty good PewPew mod/skin for the lighthouses that lets you see the center of aim of each lighthouse and the spread of the lasers to know if you've pointed them well... (when you are runninng SteamVR and wearing the HMD). As I understand it...Vive HMDs don't communicate with the lighthouses per-se... the HMD is used by your computer to register the locations of the light houses, the floor, and the edges of the play area when you run the room setup... because the HMD can detect the light emitted by each lighthouse and reports it to SteamVR software... so the computer knows where the HMD is at any time based upon an effectively run room-scale or standing-sitting setup. Good Luck.
  6. As already noted... just use one set of light houses. Run VR Setup on both computers.. and define the play area for each Vive system. So you have two play areas for two different Vives.. running whatever on two computers (one for each Vive)... each with its own version of Steam VR running... It works... there is a chance you might have people get in the way of the lighthouses in one or the other play area if too many people get in or in between one or both play areas... but just put the lighthouses 6' to 7' off the floor as they recommend. Good luck... you're welcome :smileyhappy:
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