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  1. I'm trying to run Vive Business Streaming on my office computer from home, similar to how I would use Virtual Desktop or NVIDIA CloudXR. It seems like this is meant to be possible using the VBSIpSetting.exe tool, but when I put in my office IP address (which is running Vive Business Streaming), I can't make a connection. It works fine on my local network. My guess is I need to open up a port and format the IP address in VBSIpSetting.exe as [myIPaddress]:[portnumber] but I'm not sure. I've tried doing this with a few random ports that are open to no avail. The only documentation I can find is this and it doesn't mention anything about ports: https://www.vive.com/eu/support/vbs/category_howto/how-do-i-assign-a-fixed-ip-address.html
  2. what about fading in? any way to do this with Unreal Engine blueprints?
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