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  1. Hi VibrantNebula, Thanks for your fast answer and your advice.... My best option to do it is using my Valve Index and the Knuckles, but my big problem are all cables that I need to build my Environment, for it and to avoid this problem, Do you know if I can connect my Valve Index with a wireless adapter ? If it is like that, Could you say me what was this best one ? Thanks for your time Alejandro
  2. Hi I am interested in integrating both Oculus Quest 2 and Valve Knuckles to use its each finger tracking and let to the patients to improve your health injury, for that reason, I saw this SteamVR™ Wireless Receiver more info here : https://www.virtualbuilds.com/product-page/usb-wireless-receiver-dongle For that reason and since that it is Bluetooth Low Energy, I thought maybe I could use it to integrate both VR devices. Do you think it would be possible? Thanks for your time Best Regards Alejandro Castan
  3. Hi I am building Rehabilitation Treatments by VR Games and I need to make this trike simulator in my VR Health project and similar to this... I am interested in adding the Vive trackers to my VR Environment developer for adding to the patient feets to help to people with health problems( for example Esclerosis Multiple or similar patologies) For it, I would like to ask if the Vive Trackers kit for developers are available.... Could anybody advice me about how to get them? Thanks for your time Best Regards Alejandro Castan
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