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  1. @vasanthkalai How did you add your own binding? Does your binding work without using VIU?
  2. @tl0r Please check under Edit>Preferences...>External Tools, did you check "JDK Installed with Unity" and "Android SDK Tools Installed with Unity"? If yes, then you do not have to specify the installed locations for SDK and JDK. If you would like to self-locate SDK and JDK, please uncheck the checkbox, thanks!
  3. @Jacktown Could you check with latest Oculus runtime, after building the apk can show correct controller model for Oculus Quest? Please use latest VIU from GitHub, thanks!
  4. @hamdo1986 Which version of Unity 2019? When you import WaveSDK 3.1.1, did you remove previous SDK version? Could you check under your project folder(Assets\Plugins\), is there a file(BuildCheck.cs) under this directory?
  5. @Fangh Please try the latest WaveSDK 3.1.1 (beta). WaveSDK 3.0.2 cannot co-exist with OculusSDK when you wanna build apk for Oculus project.
  6. @kknsy Could you share your project folder structure? Something like the one below, thanks!
  7. @Alloystorm This is a temporary fix for you not to obstruct your development. Please wait for VIU formal release in the future, thanks! You can always get the latest update from VIU GitHub.
  8. @Alloystorm Currently, VIU does not support Valve Index controller. I was able to borrow an Index device, and I make it working. Please update the following file script(Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\VRModule\VRModuleBase.cs) and you are good to go. I added the followings, line 23, private static readonly Regex s_indexRgx = new Regex("^.*(index).*$", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); line 225, else if (deviceState.deviceClass == VRModuleDeviceClass.Controller && (s_knucklesRgx.IsMatch(deviceState.modelNumber) || s_indexRgx.IsMatch(deviceState.modelNumber))) VRModuleBase.cs
  9. I assume your project imported latest SteamVR Plugin and VIU v1.10.4, am I right? Did you follow the instructions to correctly create htc_viu action set? If not, please check out this wiki page. You can get position and rotation by below c# script. VivePose.GetPoseEx(TrackerRole.Tracker1).pos -> position VivePose.GetPoseEx(TrackerRole.Tracker1).rot -> rotation
  10. Hi, We are a group of students currently working on a project. one of the things we need for our project is to get the rotational and positional location of the tracker not the controller. We have tried multiple tutorials and steamvr etc to no avail. We also went over the trackers guide for developers, but also there the positional data we were getting was of the headset, not the tracker. Please could you help us and tell us the easiest way that we can get the position of the tracker in given times. That by sending a command through unity or a c# script how can we get the above data at a certain time?. Thanks in advance. From, ar.project.adl@gmail.com
  11. @Pandiabolism When you clone a latest VIU from GitHub, you will need to apply VIU Action Set for SteamVR Input. If you do not see above button in Recommended Settings, please go to your project root folder, Remove all json files (actions.json and bindings_*.json), then unchecked and checked VIVE from VIU Settings.
  12. @Alloystorm Could I know what other plugin SDKs you have imported to the project? Did you try any of VIU example scene? Could you provide any sample project for verification?
  13. @Pandiabolism You can get it from Vive Input Utility GitHub.
  14. @JacktownI am aware of the Oculus Quest controller displayed as Oculus Go, but this issue seems to be Oculus runtime issue. After the Oculus runtime is updated one or two weeks ago, the render model is broken. In VIU, we will read the model type, and it keeps getting Oculus Go. Please wait patiently until Oculus fixed the issue. Thanks!
  15. Using example scene (UGUI), By adding MyPointerEventHandler.cs to Button, when user hovers and presses on button by using trigger button, it will show log telling which hand is pressing. MyPointerEventHandler.cs
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