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  1. @hamdo1986 Edit > Project Settings > Other Settings section Uncheck 'Auto Graphics API' Select 'Vulkan' and click '-' minus button to remove
  2. @Lian If you aren't using the Unity or Unreal plugins you will need to create a native application that initializes the SRanipal runtime and captures any data required.
  3. @MacBread If you are a beginner in Unity and VR I would suggest checking some of the blogs that have been posted about using the camera for pass through. This one I'm linking is by @Dario and should help you get started but there are many others if you search around. https://medium.com/@dariony/about-mixed-reality-part-2-4a371f03d910
  4. @dNazarik It looks like you're checking the Tobii XR SDK. I cannot offer support for the Tobii SDK but there is a VIVE eye tracking SDK called "SRanipal" which you can download the SDK and documentation here: https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-sranipal-sdk/ The SRanipal SDK provides support for tracking each eye position separately, I would start by checking the "ViveSR.anipal.Eye.SingleEyeData" Struct Reference.
  5. @DevDonVive You will need to write a script to record the data in the format you require. You can find example code to get you started in this post: https://forum.vive.com/forums/topic/5897-getting-verbosedata-at-the-fastest-rate-possible/?do=findComment&comment=26428
  6. @dNazarik Can you check what version of SRanipal SDK you're using? Please update to the latest SDK release (SRanipal_SDK_1.1.0.1), the "IsViveProEye" function wasn't included in the initial release version.
  7. @EnduvoJD The update should not effect WebViews. Using Application.OpenURL() won't always close your app, Android will background your app but in my testing it does usually get closed to free up memory.
  8. @atonalfreerider Can you try deleting the Assets/Plugins folder, reimporting the Wave SDK (3.1.1), and rebuilding the apk.
  9. @kai2ser The Vive Pro Eye requires the SRanipal eye tracking runtime which is windows only. You can find the system requirements for Vive Pro Eye on this page under the "Minimum Computer Specs" section. https://enterprise.vive.com/us/product/vive-pro-eye/
  10. Updated calibration troubleshooting instructions have been posted here: https://forum.vive.com/forums/topic/6482-vive-pro-eye-calibration-initialization-error-troubleshooting/ @vkm22 @viehlieb
  11. Updated calibration troubleshooting instructions have been posted here: https://forum.vive.com/forums/topic/6482-vive-pro-eye-calibration-initialization-error-troubleshooting/
  12. Vive Pro Eye Calibration Initialization Error Troubleshooting Problem: Launching calibration shows error: "Initialization Failed" Solutions: - Power off/on PC & Link Box. - Run 'sr_runtime.exe' as Admin. Default install path: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\SRanipal'. - Update SteamVR Runtime. - Update graphics card drivers. - Possible issue with some models of MSI laptops fixed with rollback to earlier NVIDIA driver. Fresh install of NVIDIA driver 417.71 (GPU BIOS not being updated and it does not support the latest NVIDIA driver). - Uninstall 'VIVE_SRaniaplInstaller' & 'Tobii VRU02 Runtime'. Restart and Install latest 'VIVE_SRanipalInstaller_1.1.0.1.msi'. Plug in HMD and wait for any updates to complete. - Update motherboard integrated Intel Graphics Driver (fixes system reference to incorrect openCL.dll (intel) instead of NVidia). - Possible issue with wireless adapter, try running calibration with wired. - Possible issues with early dev kits. Check System Requirements: - Use DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort, or USB-C output from the dedicated GPU. - Windows 8.1 or later (64-bit).
  13. @musk The Focus requires the Wave SDK and we don't have any plans to announce regarding native integration of the Wave SDK in Unity XR at this time.
  14. @Fangh, No, the Wave SDK has not been integrated into native Unity XR. Currently you must integrate with the Wave SDK to support the Focus.
  15. What game engine are you using? Can you share a code snippet that includes the full paths you're testing?
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