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  1. Hi PiskeBoBo, As the document described, the room effect is dominated by two effects: early reflection and late reverberation. Both are influenced by the room size, room shape, and the material of walls of the room. If the room is able to be defined properly, the options of material of walls and the parameters for adjusting the output of early reflection and late reverberation should be provided. They are independent factors but all would influence the room effect. As described in the VIVE 3DSP document, the reflection level sets the volume level of the reflection. It is applied on all resulting signals of the reflection effect; The reflection rate is the parameter of sound reflection ability of the wall. It is applied on only the specific reflection of the specific wall. Hope that this explanation answers your questions. If not, feel free to ask any questions you have. Best regards, Prof. 3D Sound
  2. Hi Catherine, @Catherine_, it is glad to hear from you. The upcoming VIVE 3DSP Unreal SDK is working on by our Unreal expert. It would be made better and better, until the functionality and usability are achieved our standard. You could build your unity prototype first, with VIVE 3DSP Unity SDK. Until the VIVE 3DSP Unreal SDK is released, it would be announced on this forum. Then you could build your masterpiece in Unreal. Cheers! Best regards, Prof. 3D Sound
  3. It is our pleasure to announce VIVE 3DSP SDK in the GDC 2019 developer day. For people who did not have the chance to be there, the video session is prepared for you. Please see and have fun.
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