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  1. Tried many versions of unity but the sample scene keeps crashing as soon as I hit play. I am only able to see a white rectangale, everything else is black in the game view. But as soon as I hit play, unity crashes
  2. Can anyone please mention the exact Unity version and Steam VR plugin used to run SRWorks Sample Scene? I have installed Unity Version 5.6.x and Unity keeps crashing when I play the scene, but the original 'Registry' issue is resolved in this version
  3. Hello All, I am new to AR developement and started with SRWorks for Vive Pro. After I import the package into a new project, the below error is getting thrown 12 times. Please help Assets\ViveSR\Scripts\ViveSR_DualCameraCalibrationTool.cs(130,69): error CS0103: The name 'Registry' does not exist in the current context
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