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  1. Hi. We've been trying for months. And it seems you were where I was about 5 months ago. After contacting vive support, they sent me a cable, which did nothing. I then sent in the device which they returned and said nothing was wrong with it. I then persisted and did some of my own testing and they then asked for the device back again, which they then repaired. Things we know: The final repair seemed to fix it for me. I only get one full crash with Half-life alyx now, and it seems to take the whole system own with it. Not quite the same thing as before - so i think it's related to the game I think it's heat related, despite it not always seeming like it You need to find the log files for the htc wireless adapter itself and not the steam vr logs (which they might have asked you to generate) to see the errors properly HTC seem to think that it's not their fault - despite it being their fault I get the impression that HTC have in fact discovered a fault with their device, but the fact so many have modified their devices means they're largely getting away with it. The repair fixed the faulty RF antenna on mine, which seems like it's the same problem all over.
  2. I've had two session so far of roughly 2 hours each. So it appears that there may have been something wrong with the antenna they replaced.
  3. OK. So it's been just under a week. And some work has been done ("WiGig signal connection abnormal"): An RF Module (https://pdaspare.ru/catalogue/vive/wireless-adapter/54h20659-00m) The void label So they've opened it up and they appeared to have made a replacement to the RF module. So now just to wait and see what happens when I test it 🙂
  4. I appreciate the input. I can see that it could be a cooling problem, but I can imagine for the majority of people they're not going to be performing any kind of modification to their units. Simple reason being, we shouldn't have to. Even if after market retrofitting is required, it's not us that should be doing it - it should be HTC. I've had confirmation that my adapter has reached their centre in Romania, now to see if they actually open the boxes this time.
  5. Interesting indeed. I'd love to test, and once I get my adapter back from HTC i'll take a look. But I feel that we shouldn't be doing this research ourselves. We should have been informed by HTC and their tech dudes, or indeed had something passed out to us to do this. It's pretty bad that we're having to do all this leg-work ourselves, and many of us won't be able to do this anyway. It's fairly technical afterall.
  6. Lights don't operate on the same wavelength as the wigig beam that's used. That said, material a little thicker than thin cardboard will block the signal. I certainly wouldn't expect house-hold lights to impact it. That said, I originally thought it wouldn't be a heat-related problem and it turns out that the logs say it is. Btw - that is the Wireless adapter logs, not the steamVR ones.
  7. I'm not sure on the process, but i'm also not sure how many different countries or even how much it would cost. No update on the status of the device I sent in, like, they've not even said they've received it. So i'm curious to know if that ever turns up again.
  8. Well here we are again. I've just been contacted by support, and they're requesting that I send the device back to them.... again. I mean, i'm not sure what they're going to do differently that they didn't do last time. They insisted they did a proper test of the device and found nothing wrong. This is such a waste.
  9. I think I was premature with the above advice regarding launching SteamVR and then the wireless app. It doesn't appear to work. At this point, HTC have not yet asked me for the wireless adapter log files, but after routing through them I discovered that it's entirely possible it's overheating. The last temperature readout prior to crash was 77 degrees and then the module loses tracking. So as unlikely as I initially determined overheating was, it looks like it might be the cause. I've reached out to HTC with the logs in question and we'll see what they say.
  10. OK. Quick update. I've just received an email back from HTC (again). After sending some reports in (again) and coming to the same conclusion (again) I found the following out, and their response seems to agree. Rather than start the wireless app first, start SteamVR first and THEN the wireless app. This appears to fix some weirdness with the controller detection (specifically if you've got knuckles controllers) and also, seems to prevent the crashes we've been seeing. I've no had chance to test this for any length, but managed a 40 minute boneworks session with no drops at all, which is a fair bit longer than normal. Probably take this with a pinch of salt though since the HTC people seems to just want to wash their hands of it. I've still not tried MB Geeks solution as I can't find my controller box.
  11. OK. Pretty disappointing update, and also a story: I contacted Vive, they sent me a replacement cable after a bunch of local testing. Tried the cable, no difference, still failed. I contacted them again and they asked me to send them the unit for inspection. Sent them it, they insist the unit isn't damaged. So now i'm no better off for having contacted them and despite my testing on various setups, locally and on other computers, across loads of MB, CPU configs, it's still not working as it should. I'm going to try MB Geeks solution above and see where we are. If Vive/HTC are reading this though - c'mon guys! This is just horrible! This has taken months so far, so my only possible take-away from this is that you're running the clock down on this problem!
  12. We have. They're stubbornly refusing to interact with us. I still have the problem with the equipment to this date. As others have here, I've changed almost everything about my setup. I've never been able to track down the problem so again, as others have come to the same conclusion, it's likely the wireless hardware itself. This would explain why the Vive Devs have been quiet.
  13. I'm still waiting too. As i've already stated, i've upgraded my complete system (mother board, CPU and RAM) and i've been met with the same result. It's consistently within the first 5-10 minutes of play, the whole system goes down, then it returns to normal. If this continues i'll be pursuing a case for return of the wireless adapter as it appears it's not functioning correctly and I don't want to risk a faulty piece of hardware attached to my head! Please advise me on what I should do. System specs (of my new system) as as follows: Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING (AM4) CPU: AMD 3700X (ryzen 7) RAM: 16gb GPU: 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (ZOTAC International) SSD in question: 476GB INTEL SSDPEKNW512G8 (intel) Replication: Be playing an steam game using the wireless adapter for roughly 10 minutes. See grey screen, hear system produce hardware disconnect tone (through separate sound channel). See system attempt to reboot. One of two things will happen at this point. The game will be able to use the device once more and I can continue playing after about 2/3 minutes of reboot time. Or (more commonly) the system refuses to allow me to use the headset (despite the controllers still functioning properly). I think you've had more than enough time to get back to us/sort this now.
  14. I haven't. But from my understanding these are channels and shouldn't make any difference unless you have multiple people running their wireless systems in the space place. The transmitter is stationed above me, pointing downwards. Since this is a line-of-sight system, I wouldn't expect the transmitter to be impacted. It can see the horns with nothing blocking it's view. Additionally, it's fairly close, and it only cuts out _once_, after that it's fine. Doors are closed, no reflective surfaces, windows are blinded. Signal bars show full throughout, it doesn't drop. I've replaced the USB cable and tried two different power banks. All give me the same result. I've even tried a completely different setup (AMD vs Intel too).
  15. Changed to connection type 3. I still having the problem. I've even searching high and low for a solution to this. HTC haven't weighed in at all anywhere.
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