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  1. Thank you @ScottHerz and @jason_lu for sharing your code. I ended up with a similar version but Unity keeps freezing and crashing after running the code, both my version and your versions. Did you experience similar issues? Everything works fine though when I access the eye data in the main thread, so I thought that this might be caused by race conditions or the thread not being closed correctly, but I can't figure out a workaround.
  2. I am currently having the same issue. Verbose data seems to be only collectable in the main thread and therefore in the update function. And that's not the stated 120Hz... hoping to find a solution for this though
  3. Thanks @Djangi, that actualy helped me a lot in getting pupil data. I was wondering if you managed to receive pupil data more often than every frame, e.g. from another thread? Is that even possible @Corvus?
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