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  1. Finally figured out the conflict between Tobii SDK and SRanipal! For anyone interested, it turns out that having Tobii SDK active will automatically set "EnableEyeDataCallback" in the Vive SR Framework to 'false', even if you have checked the box in the GUI. I'm still not sure what's causing that, but if you go into SR_Anipal_Eye_Framework.cs and set EnableEyeDataCallback = true, this script @Corvus's script will work with Tobii SDK running.
  2. Quick update on my previous post: I figured out that the Tobii SDK is for some reason interfering specifically with the MonoPInvokeCallback function. Does anyone know what types of things to look for in their SDK that could prevent that from running?
  3. @HackPerception thanks for that response, didn't realize that. However, I actually tried using Tobii's GetEyeTrackingData() function in the same function, and that is also returning nothing for some reason.
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to get this data recording method to work when the Tobii XR SDK is also active in a scene. Can anyone help me out with this? I know that Tobii is just using SR Anipal SDK, so I'm not sure why this fails when they're both runninng.
  5. I noticed that this method for recording eye data doesn't seem to work when Tobii XR SDK is being used. But now I'm in a situation where I'm using some Tobii SDK functions, and also want to record eye data at 120hz. Does anyone have a clue as to the source of conflict between SR Anipal and Tobii SDK?
  6. Just picked up a lip tracker today, so I can't say I've tried much yet, but I'm having the same problem so far. Interested to see if anyone has advice. Seems strange that they wouldn't play nicely together.
  7. Hi @eugie, I edited your script slightly, combining it with the script posted by @Corvus in this other thread: VIVE Eye Tracking at 120hz - VIVE Eye and Facial Tracking SDK - Community Forum I will post it below. But it is working fine for me, so thanks very much. I noticed that it doesn't work in other projects that are also using the Tobii XR SDK, perhaps that could be your problem? EyeTrackingRecordData.cs
  8. @dNazarik wondering if you could share more info on what you did to fix the issue? I'm having the same problem.
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