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  1. I am having the same problem now. Today, I had to move my Vive Pro eye to another computer that did not have Steam yet, and when I got steam on this PC, it started updating. The eye calibration is completely off (the light in the dots do not appear when you look at the dots, after calibration), as they did on the first computer, with a version of steam that has probably not updated yet. Any ideas how to fix this?
  2. I was finally able to get this, running everything on admin. thanks!
  3. The Vive Eye Pro I am using was not purchased by me. I am using it to set up eye tracking in a project of mine, so I created a Vive account in order to download the Vive_SRAnipalInstaller. Would I need to download the msi file on the purchaser's account? Would this be why the Calibrate is grayed out and unclickable?
  4. I cannot seem to remove the SR_Runtime Installer. Do you know if this is why the "Calibrate" button would be grayed out in the VR dashboard? @Corvus @Daniel_Y
  5. Yes, I have done all those things. But SR_RUnTime seems to be running in the system tray. Now, I'm thinking maybe customer support was incorrect. It seems the msi file might be ok. The real issue I need to solve is why the Calibrate button is grayed out in the VR dashboard. When I click the slider to turn on eye tracking, it takes me to the agreement page, which I click ok. But then I'm taken back to the Calibrate page with the slider to turn on eye tracking, which is still grayed out. @Corvus
  6. I should only have windows default security turned on
  7. I am also having this issue. I have downloaded the Vive_SRAniapalInstaller and every time, it cannot be installed. See attached error. I have deleted it, uninstalled it, repaired it and tried to reinstall it, but it seems it's corrupt. The issue that led me to this is "Calibrate" in the Vive VR dashboard is grayed out (also attached), and cannot be clicked. So, customer support led me to try and reinstall this file, but I have not been able to.
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