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  1. Not much of a discount seeing as I already bought the game already....
  2. Any chance of a promo code for people who own the cosmos ? I've also got an og vive base station and controllers so just a discount on the faceplate would be awesome. I would like to take my cosmos out of storage and actually use it ^_^
  3. When you buy the faceplate there an option for a promo code on checkout, why don't you guys supply a code for proper customers who registered through viveport?
  4. Any chance of a new type of controller in the near future? I've just recently got myself a used vive to get ready for the faceplate and I got to say, nowhere near as ergo as the cosmos controller. With the index controllers out and pimax releasing their sword sense I hope you guys step up your game and release something to rip the competition
  5. Get yourself one of these and you can connect more than just heaphones
  6. An extra 400 on top of what we paid to turn our cosmos into and elite? Not a completely terrible price, but I wish this version came out first so I could have bought that instead. But seriously though going from Cosmos controls back to vive wands feels like stepping down not up.
  7. What technologies does these controllers use?and would you maybe make a faceplate that is compatible with these controllers?
  8. Or just disable the cosmos Mic altogether and remove earphone and use your own gaming headset.
  9. Pro tip. When you first put it on and play it for the first time, and your hands do not agree with you in vr, please refrain from swearing. Know that this product is still being refined so if you are willing to be patient and wait for it to get better, then please contribute to these forums. If not maybe don't even open it and return to sender. I hope this being your first vr experience doesn't put you off because vr is awesome and it's getting better at a good pace.
  10. Lol. I don't check up for awhile and this post is like an overpowered bag of salt and vinegar chips. For the time being this is my evaluation of the current beta. For beat saber its good but with hints of tracking loss but not tonnes. Gun/rifle games. I can play contractors and Pavlov just fine with slight jitters when aiming. Boxing games are pretty shit, I'm doing some sweet jabs and punches Irl and in the game I've barely moved . Overall games are playable but still miles off what it should be, I don't mind for the time being but it's pretty sad that I can compare it to a wmr headset and the wmr wins. I just seriously hope you guys at htc listen and REALLY discount the faceplate for us pretty much beta testers for your headset. Because if you can't get it upto par with wmr and expect me to pay as much as the headset to get external tracking this this is getting returned
  11. Tethered my man. Can't afford wireless adapter yet unfortunately
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