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  1. I appreciate the suggestion, but I've already done tons of research and tried that "fix". I'm pretty tech savy so if there was any way to fix it short of tearing it apart I'd be able to do it. Thank you, Evan Ullrich.
  2. Thank you @VibrantNebula I would really like to be able to enjoy my Vive and Viveport Subscription...
  3. I'm trying to get figure out if there is a solution for the base station error 10010. I've done tons of research and everyone ends up having to send it in. However, because my warranty apparently expired literally two days ago they won't fix it for free. Kind of upsetting that I've been paying for VIVE port and my vive is barely a year old (apparently 2 days two old) and I'm having issues like this and am expected to pay an addition $90-150 just to use the $500+ piece of equipment I bought. Especially when this is a very common issue and was apparently fixed on newer model base station.... I appreciate that it seemed like the customer support rep cared and was nice, but I'm really surprised there was nothing that could be done... I was really excited about the Cosmos and was considering getting it but not if this is what happens whenever something breaks... @VibrantNebula @jagibson
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