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  1. This was important information to me, as I am trying to find out the possibilities of accessing raw eye tracking data from the Pro Eye and at a quick glance, it seems to me as if the SRanipal SDK does not offer API access to raw eye tracking data, am I right? Also can you provide link to the documentation and developer agreement to which you refer above? Thanks
  2. I hope I am posting this in the right forum. To make it short, we have some ideas for an eye tracking medical project and I need to ask before I buy, so I hope this is the right place: Can the Eye tracking SDK retrieve data from the headset without having the eye tracker calibrated at all beforehand? And can the data be retrieved for each eye? We are only interested in retrieving raw eye tracking data. This is possible in some eye trackers and SDKs, where the uncalibrated raw data may be referred to as the eye/pupil position relative to the camera of the eye tracker, while the calibrated data may be referred to as the eye position relative to the screen. All comments are welcome. @Daniel_Y @zzy @Andy.YC_Wang @Corvus
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