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  1. I first thought I read my post in the BETA thread, I wrote: I was on the beta so I reverted back to Public, which wasn't then 😞 Also reseted my SteamVR which I also used beta back to public. Then I could upgrade back to beta which worked. I guess you can't do this now. What happens if you Opt in to beta? You might get the "beta" instead so at least the firmware re-applies, which solved my issue.
  2. I was thinking of buying this game, how much of it is unplayable with this bug?
  3. I've tested the Sniper Rifle in Arizona Sunshine that previously was unusable, I can't remember exactly but I think I was using beta previously when it was too frustrating to use. It works better, I can use it but the limitation is that the hand you use for the gun trigger (closest to head) because you need to put your head closer to to the sight to see in it; the headset and controller are to close to each other and can't track height changes (Y-movement), it only registers the gyro movement within the same X/Y-coordinates. It's the same with bows, they work better but the Y-movements stop registering when you have the arrow drawn back. It seems to register X-movements when you move your hand further away from the headset and THEN it registers Y-movements again (as I guess the camera can easily track the controller when further away from the camera). Possible solution?: Is there any data from controller that can be used to simulate the movement of the controller when it's to close to the headset, to guess the distance from the floor to at least give some Y-movements when it's that close? For example what doesn't work in snipers and bows is that if I want to aim higher, I lower my right back hand while holding my left forward hand in the same position, but this lowering (Y-movement) isn't registered.
  4. I went back to Public for both VIVE Console and SteamVR and it works again, will try and upgrade again to beta for each and test between as well.
  5. This update broke something! I had the beta and played as recently as today, and then updated to - after that was done I restarted SteamVR and the headset and controllers where listed as Tracking and On. But in-game the controllers aren't showing up, I can press the menu button for both VIVE Lens and SteamVR but there is no pointer to navigate. I rebooted my PC, switched USB 3.0-port, In VIVE Console I cleared Environment detail and Reseted headset and settings... now when I get to the room setup the still issue still persist. When I'm looking at the controllers they're blinking, not like they're trying to synk, but incredible fast like an HDD LED indicator with 50 blinks per second. Any tips how to fix it?
  6. I'm a bit sad this doesn't aim to improve the rifle/gunstock-situation, but only playing HL Alyx at the moment where it's not needed critically 🙂 Just hoping to see it in future versions. PS. I tried Onward (FPS Realistic Shooter) and it has an option for "Virtual Stock", where when holding the rifle with a stock like the picture below it works much better (just random photo online to show how holding the hands). Isn't there some logic from the games programming how to handle the tracking that can be replicated and used in the software instead, so it works like that in all games? At least have some option for it in the Vive Lens so I can use the rifles in Arizona Sunshine.
  7. I had this issue and switched the USB for the link box from a red outlet (USB 3.1 Gen 2) to the normal blue (USB 3.1 Gen 1), and then the mic showed up both in Device Manager and in Sound options, no restart etc needed.
  8. Thanks for the information. From what I personally had read on forums was mostly people having issues with not getting the message for needing a well-lit room to disappear. And that hasn't been any issues for me, with the roof lamp turned on in my living room I've never seen any notice while playing. So, I was afraid this issue with the rifle tracking would get missed and that HTC would focus on helping people without lamps as your priority 😛 One other thing I love with not needing base stations is that my computer is in a room next to the living room, so while my partner is occupying the TV I can play in a smaller area. And when the living room is free, I slide the computer closer to the door and play in there as it gives me a bigger area. My only gripe is that the cords could be longer - I for one would be a 2-meter extension cable for the headset if it was possible
  9. I got the Cosmos a few days ago and been playing Arizona Sunshine and Beat Saber. Loving the experience without having to have base stations. I pre-ordered the O.G. Vive but sold it due to the resolution (and my PC at the time couldn't SS). I couldn't even read the text in Elite Dangerous and now with the Cosmos it's much clearer and great experience... Well, back to the tracking. Beat Saber works for 98%, but sometimes loses tracking even though the controllers are on a 90 degree scale from where I'm facing. (Note, I just started with Beat Saber and very novice player that misses a lot just because I'm bad at the game). One thing that NEVER works in Arizona Sunshine is when using the sniper rifle and needing to have one controller very close to the VR headset (but still in-front), it always loses tracking. Also having one controller in front of the other, the one furthest away from the headset loses tracking. I think the issue in Arizona Sunshine (and I guess all other games with "2 hand 1 gun"-shooting) is the most important part of the tracking to fix. I even tried taking one hand behind my back with a flashlight in-game and it worked great - so gyro seems to do it's work fine. Check this video, at 10:30, is what's never working at all with the Cosmos: https://youtu.be/SJGMZYbDXPg?t=630 Tried with only one hand close to my shoulder and that just made the sniper rifle spin around like crazy.... in all 3 locations in-game where I found the sniper rifle. So it's the right hand of the guy in the video, that is not working with my Cosmos at all. I guess it's a general problem for everyone?
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