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  1. Why is the base station power management not turned on by DEFAULT. Geez Mine had to die before I found that hidden feature.
  2. Thanks Andy for your idea. I tried it and now when I plug in the base station it does not show the light in the front at all. When I scan for it it DOES see it, on channel 255...I can change it to a different channel and that works....BUT I can not update it at all. No idea why. It does not turn on at all. No vibration...nothing. Just a yellow flashing light in the back. I have not had this system very long and my kids are really missing it. It worked great for a few month, but now they are forced to be home from school and it does not work.... I tried to see the difference in the two files. The difference is actually quite huge.... Then I put back the original firmware.bin file on the cube.... It is back to the way it was before the fix....spins up and such but there is a flashing red light. It now has the old name and the old channel as before. It says it has been observed in prior session..... Uggg 90 min of toil and back to the way it was at the start. Please help me with this puzzle. Thanks.
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