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  1. @VibrantNebula I'm still waiting for my cameras, I didn't started the software part yet (it's rather a side job/idea for me, not to use in my daily work) The idea is indeed to use in some robotic-like system and I did some research about it. It is true, that this is a niche case, I found only one project back from 2015 similar to this. Maybe I should really write to them as you suggested 🙂 Thanks!
  2. @VibrantNebula thank you very much for your answer, it helps a lot and quite possibly saved me a lot of wasted time 🙂 I'll look into the solutions you mentioned. Didn't think this through about the 180 degree FOV, I'll use something smaller, like 110-120 degree and crop the overflow. Thank you once again 🙂
  3. Thanks @VibrantNebula for answer. I'd rather use my own solution, mostly because of scalability. I'm thinking about some kind of network stream and I may not be clear with my question - I want to know what tools I could use on the VR googles part of the system, does i.g. SRWorks SDK have the ability to pass a video stream directly to Vive screen? I don't want to render a screen or anyting in VR, just directly pass two ~180 degree videos.
  4. Hello I want to create a high quality dual camera setup which then I want to stream to VR gogles, something like the pass-through in Vive Pro but in remote location (cable connected) with higher quality and decent-low latency. In the beggining I don't want to interfere with the video stream in any way, just direct streaming. What tool can I use to create such an app or something? I'm a programmer, but I never did anything related to VR. Thanks!
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