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  1. Hello and thank you I found the solution for the stations my regarding the live pro it is normal that it is blurry on the edges? Because 1200 euro still and I have already positioned the lenses on my eyes in the middle it seems to me clear my on the edge it is horrible for a live pro it is terrible I hesitate to sell it say that basic I wanted to buy the wireless adapter .
  2. Hello I have a full kit htc vive pro and I can not do the update because I have no button on the back and when I go in the settings to update the base station it says "Bluetooh signal from the interconnect box not detected. please check the connections of the interconnect box, then disconnect and reconnect the power supply to reset the box, and finally restart steamVR." I do not know it is station 2.0 of the live pro full kit so if you can help me and if possible I see blur because 1200 euro anyway.
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