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  1. Good morning, I am writing on behalf of University of Genoa and my professor because we are interested in VIVE PRO EYE for a master thesis project. Is the dicoptic rendering/yield of videos captured by the two cameras provided? Is it synchronized on the two displays? Thank you @Daniel_Y @Corvus
  2. Good morning, I'd like to know what type of data I can collect from the vive pro eye to be used. Thanks
  3. My requests are about VIVE Pro Eye device, in order to acedemic use. .Number of installed cameras an their resolution .What is the output of these cameras .If we can take images from real world and obtain these also as output .If images caught through the camera are black and white or full color .If device supports Linus as operative system and if not, if it is possible to create and interface suitable with Linux. Thank you very much @Daniel_Y @Corvus
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