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  1. @DustProductions Thanks for your feedback, sounds really strange with the reinstalling behaviour you described 🤔 - I haven't seen any of that. I managed to get it going in Unity with gross eye-tracking, but without a proper calibration, the tracking is relatively imprecise and a bit unstable. Thanks @Corvus do you have a guesstimate on when? - it would be nice to be able to update my client on ETA of their setup (they were expecting it today actually). To me it doesn't seem to be a problem with drivers? 7invensun posted a SW bundle, and it works with unity, though I had to remove some checks to get the SDK code running. (It was checking whether the headset was a Vive Pro Eye, which I guess is just because the code hasn't been updated for the Droolon).
  2. Important note: I have verified that the eyetracker is running (I used the Unity SDK, though I had to modify the code a bit). But it still won't do the calibration. Without a proper calibration, the eye-tracking is of course very imprecise and unusable. Again, any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. @Corvus I have just recently received the retrofit Droolon f1 Eyetracker for the HTC Vive and I am experiencing the exact same issue as described in this thread. I can see the SRanipal runtime is working (robot head in the tray has orange eyes -> turns green when pressing calibrate), I can see that the Camera module is running and it seems the eye-prediction is running as well (based on the log-file). However, the calibration is stuck in the same way as previously reported in this thread (stuck on the "adjust up and down"). At some point it seemed to react for a few seconds, but then it froze again. Note: the Droolon f1 is of course a bit different, but it is running the same SW and the problem seems to be exactly the same. Things I tried to resolve this: 1. Move SRanipal to VIVE folder in /Program Files(x86) 2. Turn the UAC to never notify. 3. Run as SR_Runtime + steamVR as admin 4. Switch to admin account and run 5. Running EyeCalibration.exe manually (both as admin and regular) 6. Reinstall SRanipal + Vive 7. Both Updated and downgraded my graphics drivers (updated to Nvidia driver 431-something and driver 417.71) 8. Most combinations of the above Any suggestions? @DustProductions there wasn't anything else you did, apart from running it from an admin account? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. (Attached is the Log + steam report of the current configuration) SteamVR-2020-06-06-AM_10_45_16.txt ViveSR_Log.zip
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