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  1. If i get Like a White carpet or Something and Place it in the middle of the play area, will it fix the Problem?
  2. @VibrantNebula I have 3 White Walls, 1 dark blue wall and a White celling. Also a kinda dark oak Wood as Floor. I have 1 light source in the middle of my room, 1 Mirror and 2 monitors. So 3 Light Producers, only my Floor and the Corners are pretty dark when i'm into the room Setup. Any advice?
  3. Hello there. The Cosmos says that my Room is not bright enough, i tried everything to make my room Brighter. On the Rift S i could play at Night. Can you Change the Cameras brightness or something? Cause i really want to play when its dark outside, cause i can only play when the Sun is still out. I hope someone has a solution to that problem! Cya!
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