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  1. Honestly, what fixed my issue was making sure it was well lit in the room and that my wireless sensor was higher on the wall to make sure it sees the headset. That's what fixed my issue.
  2. Boys I have a fix. For anybody who is out there with this issue, I have found a fix! This is going to seem like it is from left field but it works! For those who haven't read my previous post, I believe it's a hardware issue and not software. The USB cord juggles and it loses connection. So what I did to fix it will only cost you about 99 cents... Plumbers tape! Wrap the USB cord connection with a few layers of plumbers tape and issue appears to be resolved. I just tested it with some serious movement and did not have any disconnects. So try it out and see if it works for you. You want enough plumbers tape (on both ends of USB cord) so that it doesn't jiggle. So if you put some and it is still a little jiggly when connected then add a little more until it is stable. I put tape all the way up until about the last cm of the connector and it functions just fine. Give it a shot.
  3. I've had the same issue since I've bought the adapter. I've determined it to be a hardware issue. The USB connection will lose loose power with even the slightest jiggle. I have no idea how to stabilize it. I've tried another cord and the same thing. I've used another power bank and it will still happen. The only way I don't lose connection is if I'm not jerking my body around too much which is very hard to do when playing a boxing VR game or anything that requires you to duck. At this point I've semi given up on the wireless adapter as a whole. It's poorly engineered and I'm not even going to attempt to use HTC support after seeing the horror stories in here. $200 lesson learned. If I ever figure out a fix I'll post in on here. I just need something to really jam the USB cables in so they don't jiggle. Some day I'll figure it out. Good luck everybody.
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