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  1. Okay i got also a email back that they repaired it,and as i see they replaced the same components.. Lets hope they fixed it.. Here is the list:
  2. So mine is going back again to romania.. I have problems with the displays too,like terrible scanlines etc After my first RMA i did get the unit back but there was a message inside: no problem found.... I thought how is this posible??? So yesterday its going back again for rma,so lets see how it goes again! I have a bad feeling about this...
  3. yes at both settings when you move your hands you get this ghosting effect(smoothing or something like that)
  4. the same happens on lone echo 2,its very annoying!
  5. Let see how it goes,and to see if we all must send our htc vive pro 2 back to fix those irritating scanlines!
  6. They dont care about there customers,its very clear now...
  7. i have suddenly very bad performance with my vive pro 2 wireless,i have no idea what it is..If i look at fpsvr My gpu frametime is going crazy.. only round the 50 frames It was good before
  8. They will get a alot off vive pro 2 back to their office,i hope htc where more open about this issue and maybe give us a fix with a firmware update. But after watching that video i think we all got hardware defects in our vive pro 2...
  9. So still no pixel column correction for the vertical scanlines??
  10. @FredAmaze.net could you post this please also on reddit..This needs HTC attention. This is exactly the problem,and very very well explained!
  11. This is exactly what i have with my vive pro 2,very nicely explained sir... I hope they fix this..
  12. what does it say exactly?
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