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  1. When will the 5.1 release be out? We can't use openXReyetracking without the vive openXR plugin for 5.1 and i have been unsuccessful in trying to compile the 5.0 plugin for 5.1
  2. Looks like thats facial tracking, not eye tracking. Confusing, i know
  3. Please check this screenshot which i got from vive support It seems the dev team already know about this discussion. so can you please speak with your dev team and co-ordinate? They are just telling me to use the forums. You should get my email from them and continue there. I'll try to send you a private message too Ryan
  4. Again, this returns no values. We have already discussed this. Posting it again does not help. Have you actually tested this yourself? Business streaming, wirelessly, using the UEyeTrackerFunctionLibrary interface to get data. I am assuming no.
  5. I have the eye trackers. unusable. very poor tracking frequency and very inaccurate results, especially the further from centre you get. support here and via emails has been useless. do not buy.
  6. This doesn't help. The "Unreal OpenXR plugin" that you mention does not return any values at all. I DO NOT HAVE A FACIAL TRACKER. There is no facial tracking happening at all. I only have an EYE tracker. Look at the link that was shown further up as a tutorial for eye tracking: You say that for eye tracking that I can use OpenXR, or SRAnipal, and that OpenXR is recommended. But where is the eye tracking for openXR? openXR only has FACIAL TRACKING. I am guessing that you are not actually testing anything that is being said here, because you keep answering that open xr will handle eye tracking (it doesnt, its only facial tracking) or that SRAnpial will work but is not recommended. There is no tutorial that works. You need to go through your own tutorials and test it for yourself. Test openXR with a HTC focus 3, with EYE TRACKER MODULE, in ue4, over wireless vive business streaming. it doesnt work.
  7. Is anyone else having trouble here? Just have a look at the attached screenshots. Sometimes it seems like its *roughly* in the right area, but the saccade is insane. Ive tested this against the HP Omnicept in the same settings and it is way better. Same with the Vive Pro Eye. The results in the worst case situation are quite often the results that happens most often, too. Something is really going on here. I have tried reinstalling the sensor, cleaning it, etc. Ive tried calibrating in the Focus 3 home, then enabling business streaming, then playing. ive tried doing that and then using the inbuilt steam vr vive pro eye button (double calibration). still no better. This is all over wireless streaming, by the way. My question is, has anyone got good results? Could my unit be faulty? Is this a known limitation of wireless streaming? We really need to crack this....
  8. "use the community developer forums" the support emails keep telling me.... then we try and no-one answers! This is a very valid question that i am also wondering. SRAnipal seems a very bad SDK for gaze rays when it relies on us doing line traces to actually return results. Why can't it just return the vectors from the pupils themselves?
  9. @Vivi Wu I do not have a facial tracker, just eye trackers. I have the most recent vive business streamer, and my focus 3 has the latest version. Can you please clarify - how do i get eye tracking values out of the openXR facial tracking nodes? I have looked at the nodes and they only have facial tracked pose information, no eye gaze data. that would be for using openXR and NOT using SRAnipal, i assume. So here's where im at, i currently have the ViveOpenXR plugin, and the SRanipal plugin. steps: run VBS v 1.09.8 beta on pc in administrator. put on F3, run eye calibration. success. Run VBS in F3. connect to steamVR. run sr_runtime.exe (version as administrator. while im not playing the game, it shows the blue icon (attachment 1) i run the eye tracking calibration inside the headset. it succeeds. I now have GREEN eyes in the sranipal icon. i run my packaged ue4 game as administrator that contains the eye tracking nodes for getting gaze data, screenshot attached. the game runs fine until i put the headset on and it see's my eyes, then it crashes. if i run the project in ue4 editor it crashes and tells me there is an unhandled exception, exception_access_violation (usually this is for not running things in admin, but i have run everything in admin). screenshot attached. i have tried the above setup with openXR and openXR eye tracking plugins enabled AND disabled in plugin settings. This is the closest i have gotten.
  10. Replying to my above comment (its still being approved 17 hours later apparently) while the tutorial mentioned using SDK, i found a newer one for ue4.27 that is version That one comes with then ViveOpenXR plugin. So i now have that installed into my project. So the update is that now i have the openXR facial tracking extension enabled in the vive openXR plugin settings. Still not getting any data, still the node "is eye tracking available" returns false. thats under the waveSDK. Under openXR, i try createFacialTracker - that returns false. But then right away i check isFacialTrackingEnabled and it returns true. riiiiiight. but openXR doesnt seem to have any eye tracking gaze data functions. So. I assume i need to use openXR, and waveSDK, but NOT SRAnipal. then it comes down to two options, have steamVR plugin enabled, or not. 1. if i have it enabled, i get TRUE from createFacialTracker. but i still get not values from waveSDK's "getCombinedEyeDirectionNormalized". 2. if i have steamVR disabled, i get FALSE from createFacialTracker, and still get nothing from "getcombinedEyeDirectionNormalized". But now i lose my motionController for the focus 3 HOW DO I GET EYE DATA FROM THE FOCUS 3 EYE TRACKERS!!!!
  11. Yeah, so I just can not get this to work. I've been searching all of the scattered tutorials for this, and they seem incomplete because even following the steps, things don't work or break entirely. My use-case is simple - full PC VR over VBS with the Focus 3 with the integrated eye trackers. I want eye tracking, but all i really care about is getting gaze data (eye vectors etc, like i used to with the vive pro eye with SRAnipal). I don't care about facial tracking or avatar stuff. The instructions mention a few things, but none of them work for me. SRAnipal doesn't work, firstly i *can* get eye tracking "enabled" using the steamVR overlay button for SRAnipal eye tracking, but then when it asks me to calibrate, i can get past the first step (Raise/lower HMD) but the second step (modify IPD) does not progress because it seems that the IPD adjustment dial on the F3 does not talk to the SRAnipal runtime and i cant get it to move. So even if i skip the calibration, im getting no values in ue4 Preview In Editor. I am using the "Focus" node in blueprints and getting no data from Gaze Target. So the other option seems to be to ignore SRAnipal, and to use OpenXR completely, which is said is recommended. The instructions say that you need to enable openXR in plugins, and disable steamVR in plugins. When i disable the steamVR plugin, my HMD can no longer track at all. I am signed in to VBS, and in my HMD i am in the steamVR home environment, but when i start ue4 VR preview, the headset does not hook. The other thing is that the instructions here https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/openxr-pcvr/tutorials/unreal-engine/integrate-facial-tracking-data-your-avatar/ say "Please make sure the “ OpenXR Facial Tracking extension ” is enabled, the setting is in Edit > Project Settings > Plugins > Vive OpenXR > Facial Tracking: " this setting doesnt exist in my poject settings plugin settings. There is no Vive Open XR settings at all, even though i have the openXR plugin enabled. The (third??) option seems to be using wave SDK. ive tried that too, i get no values. using the "Get eye tracking status" node, it returns "UNSUPPORTED". The eye tracking device works when running the focus 3 normally, doing the calibration demo.
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