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  1. Hello, Bumping this. Having the same issue as above, tracking and rotation of controllers seem to have an offset when using Action-based XR-controllers. Using the "Tracked Pose Driver" as @tatatatonka_94 mentioned results in correct tracking. - XR Interaction Toolkit 2.1.1 - XR Plugin Management 4.2.1 -> OpenXR, Vive Focus3 Support feature group - OpenXR Plugin 1.3.1 -> Vive Focus3 Profile, Support, etc - Vive Wave XR OpenXR Plugin - Android 1.0.2 - Unity 2021.2.10f-> Both Inputsystems are currently activated
  2. Is there a beta version of the Vive Wave XR Plugin that one needs to get as well? If so where do I find it?
  3. Are eye expressions supported yet, and if not when? I assumed it was since I found this in the Unity SDK docs https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnityXR/UnityXREyeExpression.html "After imported the XR sample from Package Manager > VIVE Wave XR Plugin, you can find the Eye Expression sample at Assets > Samples > VIVE Wave XR Plugin > {version} > XR > EyeExpression." Imported suggested packages as documentation states above but found no such assets. Using the latest VIVE Wave XR Plugin and Vive Wave XR Plugin - Essence. both 5.0.2-r.16 What's the deal here?
  4. Hello, Just adding my two cents. I used WaveDeviceLayouts.cs from @smeer to much success. But I had problems reading the grip value from the left controller and found that there is a typo in the layout script(ln 162 "LeftControllerGrip" was "LefttControllerGrip").
  5. Okay, some progress has been made! By using the Vive Wave XR Plugin - Native, i managed to get the "Play Area" or the Arena through Interlop.WVR_GetArena(). But now I want the app to use the player defined Arena, that it made when its inside the Lobby room or when the headset loses its boundary. As off now it seems it sets automaticly the size to a 4 x 4 arena no matter what the size in the lobby. Is their a way of getting this Play area to match?
  6. Working with a project that has the need to get the players Play Area setup. I am using the XRInputSubSystem.TryGetBoundaryPoints to get the points for the player defined Play Area. But when using it with Wave it gives me nothing, and it seems the Play Area is not used in the App. Instead the Play Area is much bigger and is a Square. So the question is how do I get the Players Play Area and use that to help, limit the play walking outside of it. The Project is Unity 2019.4.7. And uses The XR Plugin Manager. And the project is for the HTC Vive Focus 3 and other platforms. @Tony PH Lin
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