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  1. Hey @zzy Thanks for letting me know. We updating to the new version and it is working and registering the camera. As far as effectiveness, the left hand seems to have weird tracking, like when tilt your hand back, the visual tilts it towards you (the opposite direction), where the right hand doesn't do that. As well as that, the fingers seem to bug out quite a lot and not accurately represent the finger positions. Just wondering if there's any calibration or method to improve the tracking, or environment set up etc? Thanks!
  2. Awesome thanks @zzy for the heads up! This is an alternative to attaching a Leap Motion Controller onto the front of the headset with an extra cable, so looking forward to being able to use this!
  3. Hey We're trying to use Hand Tracking on the Vive Pro 2 in unreal, we have it working with a normal Vive, but it gives the error in the logs: LogVHTEngine: Error: Start camera failed, retrying... LogViveHandTrackingComponent: Error: VHTEngine start failed: Camera The cameras are working correctly as they work when tested in SteamVR. According to the Aristo log its trying to start a Cosmos camera (which fails cause we're not using a cosmos), so it hangs for a while looping through looking for the camera: Start Cosmos high resolution camera error: NoCameraDevice Start Cosmos camera error: NoCameraDevice It then loops through NoCameraDevice a bunch, before giving up. I've attached the log, I'm assuming this is because the Vive Pro 2 is new and isn't supported yet, wondering when support would be added for this, and if there's a possible work around for now? Thanks Alex Aristo.log
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