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  1. Ok, so I've done a few more tests, and it should be absolutely possible, but is somehow locked by software? 1) I have fully working app, where I can see my vr-hands, cool. 2) Controllers have to lay still on some kind of surface, not so cool. 3) If I move any of the controllers, even a little, then vr-hands will disappear, also not cool. 4) I can turn off one of two controllers, and that will allow me to hold it in hand, and vr-hands will not disappear, as the controller can't send any data about movement. 5) If I turn off both of the controllers, I immediately get popup asking for turning them on or pairing a new set, BUT I can see that vr-hands works as intended. Also I can see another pair of vr-hands, which allow me to shot with a beam and even probably select anything, if that would be a popup with a button for example. (I use the default blue ones from the samples, while that popup spawns another pair of white-ghost hands.) Therefore, if that's a question for different part of the forum, is there an option to move this thread, or should I make another, or just wait there for an answer? Sincerely, Albert Mełges
  2. Hello, My company wants to use the HTC Focus 3 in the upcoming project, but to do that, we have to implement hand tracking inside the application, which we can use with hands only, and also enclosed in "kiosk mode". According to the docs, tutorials and current behaviour of the SDK, that's not really possible, as the controllers are required to be in close proximity of the headset, and should stand still (which is also problematic as they are shaped quite weirdly, and even minor motion of the table is passed to the controllers, what causes hands to disappear for a brief moment). Another thing is, that hands can't be used in menu where we can set the boundaries, which is also slightly problematic. The headset has to be calibrated in-between 2 people, if someone put the headset away, passed another person controllers, and that person puts headset, then they has to re-calibrate room again. It's tedious and breaks a flow. We'd like to register boundaries once, save in RAM, and always put the HMD in the same direction, and the same spot as first time it was calibrated, and load it back when someone presses a button in the app to just skip the whole calibration process. Therefore I'd like to ask: - Is there any option in SDK to permanently disable use of controllers, allowing us to not worry about any motion of them (i.e. someone hits a table while navigating in vr space)? - Is there any option to disable re-tracking of boundaries, or manually from the level of application apply saved boundaries? Sincerely, Albert Mełges
  3. Hello, After importing the `Vive Hand Tracking Unity` with `Assembly Definition` packages for the lates version `0.10.0`, compiler gives an error: - Assets\ViveHandTracking\Sample\Scripts\DisableController.cs(16,7): error CS0619: 'Interop.WVR_SetInteractionMode(WVR_InteractionMode)' is obsolete: 'This is an obsolete function.' From what I see it's safe to remove that script, but maybe there is better workaround. Ideally I would like to see option to download that package from the scoped registry, as all other packages required for VR development. Unity - 2021.1.14f1 Wave SDK - 4.1.0 Hand Tracking - 0.10.0 P. S. Package for Vive Input is outdated, it shows 1.13.1 in package manager, while from GitHub it's possible to download newer version 1.13.2, which address the Wave VR hand tracking support. Thanks in advance, Albert
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