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  1. I already know why. I didn't turn on the hand tracking option on focus, but it works well after I turn it on.
  2. Unfortunately, I have another problem now. The controllers don't work after build, but work well in edit mode. Do you have the same problem after build? The error is like this after build and run:
  3. Is your error like this? I have the same problem, but the Scripting Backend has been switched to Mono.
  4. Thinks for your reply. I have known why. The input actions preset in XR Toolkit is not suitable for focus3's controller. I modified the position and rotation in the XRI Default Input Actions.
  5. Hi, I got into another difficulty. The position and rotation of focus3 controllers are not correct. I use the VBS and OpenXR also. Other functions of the controllers are correct except the position and rotation. Can you help me?🙏
  6. Thanks for your reply! I have followed the tutrials step by step. 1)PC: Windows 11 Home Chinese Edition 2)Unity: 2020.3.13f1c1 3)WaveSDK: 4.3.0-r.5 4)Graphic card: RTX3060Ti 5)Log files as below 6)WiFi 7)HMD and PC have connected the same WIFI domain Editor.log Editor-prev.log symbol_upload.log upm.log
  7. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?😭 I have tried all Render target device(others and focus +), but all failed. Could anyone help me?😵
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