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  1. OK I have found a spare Radeon 5700 XT card and fingers crossed!! so far no BSOD after testing out Google Earth VR for an hour!! So definetely looks like an Nvidia driver issue even though I have completely uninstalled the latest version and re-installed the previous older versions as stipulated by Vive support. Very odd why I am still having BSOD with my MSI GeForce 3080Ti.
  2. yes same. update from Vive Support and they are now saying to try another PC!! There is nothing wrong with my existing PC. This is newly custom built myself using premium grade components (£5,000) . Sighs!!
  3. Following the advice from Vive Support and just did a full uninstall of the ViVE software including the USB driver and rolled back the Graphics card driver to 496.76. I checked in the Nvidia control panel and confirm this version is being used. Did a full install of the VIVE software again and it got as far as trying to pair the controllers and it went straight to a BSOD. @C.T.
  4. Hi. Has anyone had this resolved yet? I just bought a HTC Vive Pro 2 last 2 weeks and using it with my new Nvidia GeForce 3080Ti graphics card and I am also getting a BSOD as attached and it happens soon after I turn on the Linkbox. I am currently speaking to Vive Support about this but have tried the following so far based on their advice with no success: I have tried the latest driver as of yesterday (20/12/21) and also rolling back the drivers to 496.76 and also 496.49 and the PC still crashes to a blue screen around a minute or so after boot. I have also disabled Hardware accelerated GPU scheduling. I am using the all in one link cable box and this is connected to the secondary output display port of my 3080Ti graphics card. I have tried all USB ports including 3.0 and 2.0 I can't believe this £1500 piece of kit is all down to Nvidia and and issue with their driver? Seriously? If its down to Nvidia not HTC then how are other users managing with their VR headsets? or is this only down to the new Vive Pro 2 headset? To say im pissed is an understatement! yes but to what version will it work with? I have tried both 496.76 and also 496.49 and it still causes a BSOD yes but to what version will it work with? I have tried both 496.76 and also 496.49 and it still causes a BSOD yes but to what version will it work with? I have tried both 496.76 and also 496.49 and it still causes a BSOD
  5. its not Windows 11. I have installed a new copy of Windows 10 on a brand new SSD and I am having exactly the same issue. They must have done something in an update to cause this to happen. When I first used it last week I did start to have problems with it blue screening but it then appeared to sort itself out and I was able to use the headset for a good few hours without any blue screening, however 2 days ago it has now become completely unusable. As soon as I turn on the headset not even launching Steam VR after 30 seconds to a minute or two im back to the dreaded blue screen of death. Its definetely something to do with their software or the link box USB driver as when its switched off my PC is 100% stable for hours on end and no blue screens at all. I did also try plugging in the USB cable to one which is 2.0 not 3.0 as I read that has caused problems with some users in the past. As it stands this thing is completely unusable so I have formally contacted Vive Support. Its damn annoying especially as the new PC I have built up hasn't been exactly cheap and all the parts are of premium quality. Motherboard alone cost £450! and the new GeForce 3080Ti card a whopping £1500!!
  6. I posted an earlier topic explaining how my new HTC Vive Pro 2 crashes under Windows 11. I assumed it was because Windows 11 was not yet compatible with HTC Vive Pro 2 so I went and purchased a new SSD and installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 and did all the updates. On this machine it only has Steam installed. I then went and downloaded the latest version of VIVE from the support page and half way into the install after it installed the bluetooth adapter my PC completely dies to a blue screen and restarts. So its not Windows 11 at fault and it appears to be the VIVE software itself as there can be no other logical explanation on a brand new fresh copy of Windows 10. I have tried again to re-install the software and this time it does complete the installation but the PC is now very unstable and randomly blue screens and restarts. When I uninstall the VIVE software and bluetooth adapter my machine works perfectly again. I have had no other issues with this newly built PC so the only culprit appears to be the VIVE software and something to do with the bluetooth adapter driver. Thanks HTC! Money well wasted!!
  7. well ive just bought a new SSD to have a dedicated Windows 10 install and having just installed the VIVE software again with a brand new installation of Windows 10 the dreaded blue screen has appeared again and Windows completely dies and restarts so its not Windows 11 at fault. I have nothing else installed except for the latest Windows updates, Steam, Corsair iCue so and the machine only dies when its installed the ViVE software so its definetely an issue with VIVE. Its the latest one which automatically downloads from their website.
  8. well i spoke too soon!! since installing Vive Pro 2 I have encountered numerous blue screens and its completely killed my brand new PC. I'm not even using the VR kit and the machine just dies and reboots. I have since done a full uninstall of the software and drivers and my machine is back to working perfectly with no further issues. Plan B is to install a copy of WIndows 10 on a spare SSD and boot from there. £1500 and it does make you think and HTC please sort Windows 11 compatibility out. Sighs!! nope it definetely dosent like WIndows 11!!
  9. ok after a few more attempts it works!! trying to get this thing to work wasn't exactly easy and plugging in the sync box to another USB port also helped.
  10. Hi I just purchased a HTC Vive Pro 2 and spent the last few hours trying to get it to work with Windows 11 version 21H2. I am usually quite good at getting things to work out of the box but my first impressions as a new customer to HTC is very dissapointing to say the least. I followed the setup instructions and tried 4 times to install the VivePro2Setup file directly downloaded from your website. On 4 occasions my Windows 11 machine has just gone to a fatal blue screen error and restarts. This is a brand new build of Windows 11 and I have been using it with no problems over the last 2 weeks - not a single crash prior to installing your HTC setup software. Within the control panel and device manager I am seeing BCM2045A0 as not installed and despite trying to update the driver this does not work. Please can you advise further. @C.T. cheers J
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