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  1. Hello, we are trying to implement hand tracking for the Focus 3 into our Unity application. It works, but is significantly slower than expected. Our final product targets the Windows platform, the content is then streamed via WiFi 6 to the headsets. Test setup: - Unity 2021.3.6f1 - XR Plug-in Management -> Open XR + Vive Wave OpenXR feature group - Open XR: -> VIVE Wave OpenXR: Hand Tracking - > [active] - Sample scene [HandTrackingExample] from the package: [VIVE Wave OpenXR Plugin - Windows] - A [XR Controller (Action based)] component renders a controller at the wrist position using [Action: devicePosition] As one can see in the video, the hand movenment is smoothed, making it slower and dragging behind the actual position. Is it possible to turn this behaviour off, or work around it? ViveHT_Test.mp4
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