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  1. I also solved the problem of crashing on stop by manually deactivating the hand detection on application quit. This is the line of code I used: GestureProvider.Current.enabled = false; // disable the script to stop the detection
  2. I should add that in order to collect eye data I had to download an older version of VIVE SRanipal (, which I couldn't find online but I was lucky enough to know someone using it. Also, when you try to install the SRanipal you might experience the 1001 error. Follow the instructions @kwig provides, they worked for me:
  3. No, they're not the same. Anyway, you can download OpenXR Plugin from Package Manager --> Unity Registry
  4. I've found the problem and I could make my Unity project (2020.3.40f1) work doing this: downloaded the older version of the VIVE Eye and Facial Tracking SDK (https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/eye-and-facial-tracking-sdk/download/archive/) imported the .unitypackage in the project imported OpenXR and SteamVR plugins checked OpenXR and OpenVR Loader in Project Settings added to the scene the SRanipal Eyeframework prefab added the CameraRig prefab added the SteamVR prefab I think the problem is the newer version of the VIVE Eye and Facial Tracking SDK Hope this solution works for you!
  5. Hello, I tried to follow the instruction for "'HTC VIVE Pro Eye Development Guide'' (https://developer.tobii.com/xr/develop/unity/getting-started/vive-pro-eye/) to use the eye tracking features of the headset in Unity, but once I import the VIVE Sranipal SDK unity package in my project and I try to run the given sample scene to test it, my unity project crashes without giving me errors. It crashes no matter which unity version I use, no matter which HTC Vive pro eye headset I use (I tried with two different ones) and no matter which computer I use. It is weird because when I tried the first few times it was working, then after trying to extracting the eye data it started not working anymore. The eye tracking seems to work fine outside unity. Did anyone else experienced the same problem and find a solution to it? Thanks!
  6. I am building a VR project in Unity (2020.3.23f1) and I am using the HTC Pro eye headset. I imported the hand tracking SDK and I noticed that the hands models appeared a bit too far. I added one SteamVR controller in the scene and verified that the hand model is positioned farther away than the controller, i.e. its depth position is off. Any solution to this problem? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I’m currently trying to use the HTC Vive Pro Eye in Unity 2020.3.XX LTS. It worked fine one week ago (09/17/2022). Now, when I run a Scene with the prefab “TobiiXR Initializer”, Unity either freezes or crashes. In the project log I get the following error. Cmd: compileSnippet insize=16577 file=Assets/DefaultResourcesExtra/Skybox/Procedural pass=<Unnamed Pass> cachingPP=1 ppOnly=0 stripLineD=0 buildPlatform=19 rsLen=0 pKW=UNITY_ENABLE_REFLECTION_BUFFERS UNITY_USE_DITHER_MASK_FOR_ALPHABLENDED_SHADOWS UNITY_PBS_USE_BRDF1 … Unhandled exception: Protocol error – failed to read magic number (error -2147483644, transferred 0/4) Quitting shader compiler process Does anyone have any idea what is the root of the problem?
  8. Hi! I almost have the same problem but no error warning just unity crashes down as soon as I press play. Did you by chance found a solution?
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