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  1. Hi Tony, I'd like to follow up on this topic. Ideally I can use this headset as a platform for my Thesis research. Are there any avenues we can pursue for an academic research API? Best, Joshua
  2. Hello Tony, I hope you are enjoying the New Year holiday. I wanted to follow up on this thread in forwarding this request to a team who might be able to assist us within this use-case scenario, or arrange a meeting with your team to discuss its applications academically. Best, Joshua
  3. Thanks @Tony PH Lin I appreciate your quick response. I am a Ph.D. researcher at Indiana University studying Interactive and Intelligent Systems and Cognitive Science. As a part of my thesis, I intend to study AR and VR applications as a method of studying human visual learning. My specific use-case is actually to apply a Shader I have written to the camera; the purpose of which is to study visual processing performed by the retina. I have several applications which use this shader in strictly VR environments using this headset, however it would be simpler and more realistic to use this headset to perform this Retinal Shader effect on real world images given its full color capability, rather than building multiple simulations of, for instance, a game of ping pong, or an object-recognition task. Additionally, participants of this study would undergo IRB approval before using an application in which the front-facing cameras are used, and would do so in a controlled experimental setup. I would be very interested in following up with any members of your staff or development team who might be able to facilitate this research scenario. Thank you for your time, Joshua McGraw
  4. Hello, I'm looking for more information about how I can access the front-facing cameras color cameras on the standalone VIVE XR Elite Developer Kit. From my understanding this feature was removed from the WAVE XR SDK due to business privacy concerns, however, as this headset is equally positioned for AR/VR applications and boasts a high definition color passthrough, it makes me think that there should certainly be some way now or in the near future to access the raw camera input for use in developing towards Computer Vision applications. I have found working examples of providing Passthrough and Underlay on the headset, however this does not provide the same input the Raw color Frames themselves. I suspect there is a method in which developers must be able to perform tasks such as Frame Shading or Planar Image Tracking for MR and AR applications - is this not possible for the XR Elite through WaveXR?
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